Black Magic – part 3!

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“What all can you do with Black Magic?” I asked my father just 2 months before his demise. He said he has a book, which has few mantras – one to remove Black Magic spell on others, a mantra to save the fields from attacks of rats, and a mantra to silent the dogs from barking! As usual my mom had a hearty laugh. But in life I have never seen my dad lying to us. And why would he lie to me when I was 31 years of age. In fact when young, he used to do the magic on the paddy fields to keep the rodents away – just for pocket money!

For every ill health there is a natural symptom – you will puke when you have jaundice, your joints will ache like hell when you have food poisoning, your stomach will hurt when you typhoid. Same way, when someone has cast Black Magic on you it also has many symptoms – and here are few –

*In spite of you running a good time astrologically, you won’t be able to do well in your life.

*You will lose concentration at work, and will remain in your own thoughts for long.

*There will be marked changes in your personality, which others will find out very easily

*You will start having at least one health problem, which will not get cured in spite of consulting the best doctors.

*You will start having relationship problems with friends, spouse and relatives.

*Expenditure will rise, and income will reduce leading to frustrations and disappointments.

*On few weekdays, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays – the person on whom the black magic has been spelled will behave eccentrically. These eccentricities will repeat on the same days every week.

*Plans related to visiting temples, religious people, astrologers and saints would get postponed for unknown reasons.

In fact people who run bad time astrologically also will have the above symptoms – but then few marked symptoms like health related problems, and the eccentric behaviour need to be checked perfectly before you confirm the Black Magic spell on you or your loved ones.

My dad said he will teach the Black Magic part to me, but then he died even before that. May be the divine didn’t wanted me to learn the same at that time. I searched his bookshelf for the book he was talking about – and I found it. It is a notebook, in which the mantras are written in Old Malayalam.

Is there anyone who knows to read Old Malayalam, and can translate that book for me? Kindly let me know at The effort will be remunerated!

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