Cure yourself – part 1!

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“Doctors have almost unhinged (confused) us. Sometimes I think that quacks are better than highly qualified doctors. Hospitals are institutions for propagating sin. For the sake of a mistaken care of the human body, they kill annually thousands of animals. They practice vivisection. No religion sanctions this. These doctors violate our religious instinct. Most of their medical preparations contain either animal fat or spirituous liquors – both of these are tabooed by Hindus and Mahommedans. We may pretend to be civilized, call religious prohibition a superstition and wantonly indulge in what we like. The fact remains that doctors induce us to indulge, and the result is that we have become deprived of self-control and have become effeminate. To study European medicine is to deepen our slavery.”

“It is worth considering why we take up the profession of medicine. It is certainly not for the purpose of serving humanity. We become doctors so that we may obtain honours and riches. I have endeavoured to show that there is no real service of humanity in the profession, and that is injurious to mankind. Doctors make a show of their knowledge, and charge exorbitant fees.”

Well the above two paragraphs are honestly not mine – they are of India’s father of the nation M K Gandhi from his book Nature Cure. I feel these sentences are apt at the time when doctors went on a strike thinking they are the Gods and without them life cannot be saved. If doctors were life savers, then nobody would die in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Time of birth and time of death are decided by the Almighty and not Apollo Hospitals or AIIMS doctors.

You got a headache, take an Anacin. You got fever, take Crocin or Metacin. You have acidity problem, take Gelusil. Where are we going, and what are we doing to our body unknowingly?
Chemicals are dangerous, and you will never understand the side effects till later part of your life, said one my chemistry professors. Not only do we administer chemical medicines to ourselves, but we also try to pass on the habit to the coming generations.

Instead of trying to cure your ailment with a dangerous pill, firstly you need to understand the cause of the problem. There are only few reasons why you suffer from frequent health problems like headache, or cough or fever. Headaches are symptom of brain tumour too, but don’t worry you will not die in the very first symptom of brain tumour. Hence there is nothing wrong in trying out curing yourself without taking any chemical medicine as a first step!

We fall ill only when we fall out of the divine tune or nature’s plan. You get headaches because you might have had a late meal or skipped a meal, or would have roamed a lot in the hot sun without proper protection, or you would have not shat properly in the morning. Once you get a headache, try analyzing the cause, then act accordingly.

If your headache is because you skipped the meal – drink plenty of water and fresh juice, also eat bread or chappatis. You will be automatically cured. If your head ache is because of the hot sun, keep drinking water and glucose, and rest under a tree or in a a/c room, close your eyes and take few deep breaths – you will be cured. And if your head ache is due to improper bowel moment, fill your stomach with warm water and help yourself in the loo – your headache will be pushed out!

The above techniques are experimented and have 100 per cent positive results….say good bye to pills…

To be continued…

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