Cure yourself – part 2

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Human body has a natural device of curing itself from most diseases. And fever is an inbuilt defense mechanism that rises our body temperature to put an end to the trouble causing micro organism. But when the body temperature keeps increasing or goes beyond a certain point – it proves fatal in some cases. Hence fever in one way is good – it makes you take rest, and also does the cleansing from the inside.

I read it somewhere that – the holes in the flute of Lord Krishna symbolizes the holes that are present in a human body. If the flow of air, energy, blood and life force are in harmony with nature through these holes – human body will never have ill health, and can live a longer and stronger life. Hence the first step towards good health is good food and good excretion. If you have a disciplined pattern in this, you will never fall sick. You would have noticed that when you fall ill, the first thing is you lose your appetite and also you start having bowel dysfunction.

Fasting once in 15 days is an ideal bet to service your body like you service your vehicles and most of the doctors will scare you of stomach ulcers if you fast, ignore them blindly!

I used to have this dust allergy, and I would sneeze upto some 75 to 100 times in 5 minutes or so. I thought the best and the easy way of curing it was to have few Actifed, and sleep off. I kept doing it, and I wanted a permanent solution for the same. One of my brothers in law asked me to drink 1 litre of water every morning before brushing the teeth. He said if you do that you will be cured in 3 months. And it did happen. Now it should be at least 3-4 years that I got allergic to dust…that too in a place like Chennai! (Catch my collar if your dust allergy is not cured if you follow exactly what is said – 1 litre of plain water every morning before brushing your teeth).

With time, we tend to understand our body better, and we start discovering new ways of curing ourselves. Not always does medicine helps us, and after a while we normally lose trust in doctors. Mahatma Gandhi in his books says, the best cure to any disease is Ramanama (chanting the name of God), and he adds there is no harm in dying taking the name of God! And he is so true….

Here are few cures for common ailments –

*For pimples & bruises – apply your own spit, and I mean it. Spit even will take out the pimple marks. (Haven’t you seen animals licking their wounds? It is the best God given ointment)

*To arrest loose motion – chew some pomegranate skin and drink a glass of butter milk for immediate relief

*For body aches – buy a naturally made mat (not a synthetic or plastic mat), put it on the floor and sleep. Most of your body pain will vanish in 1 week.

*If your energy is completely drained after busy shopping or after meeting a lot of people – apply some salt mixed in water all over your body, wait for 5 minutes, and then take a hot water bath.

*For allergies due to insect bites – take a tablespoon of turmeric, mix it with warm water and drink

Will keep updating this list……

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