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The latest Pope says, “ban on religious conversion in India is unconstitutional.” He has all the rights to say what he feels is right. But whether what he says is right or wrong is quite debatable, and is left to individuals to decide. You cannot run to shut Pope’s mouth even before he utters his thoughts, saying what you are going to say can or might affect religious sentiments in India, and lead to bloodsheds and violence. If the Pope, as an individual, has all the rights to comment on Indian policies about conversion even without knowing the ground realities, why can’t Indians (whether they follow Christianity, or Hinduism or Islam) have the right to watch something that has been captured on the camera for viewing pleasure? The Da Vinci Code – if a movie can affect your belief systems, then there is something wrong in the belief system and not in the movie!

The funny part is what is available for the people living in other states of India, will not be available for Chennaites. The movie has been suspended for 2 months in Chennai it seems. What could be the reason? Does that mean Christians living in Chennai are more insane or violent or have more love towards Jesus when compared to Christians living in Bangalore? Or is it because the priests of Tamil Nadu are more sensitive towards a foreign brand called Jesus Christ? Or is it because with time we have become more Christians than the native Christians themselves who made the movie and as well as acted in it? In that case we should ban all the money that flows into India for religious conversions, and not a 2 hour movie!

Why this suspension for 2 months? Are Chennaites sit and watch how people react to the film outside Tamil Nadu and double check whether if it creates any unrest among the people and then release it in Chennai? Christ save hypocrisy…

To my knowledge, till date, I don’t remember any movie that has created religious unrest among the Indians. It was always the representatives of people – politicians –who created the violence– before the release and after the release too and also while shooting the movie. Name one movie that led to bloodshed or violence among people where POLITICIANS were not involved?! In fact books, serials and movies made on religious violence were always good hits – for instance Train to Pakistan by Khuswant Singh, Tamas on DD, and Dev respectively.

For ‘Fire’ it was Shiv Sena, for ‘Fanna’ it is BJP. When the people themselves are least bothered about how the film can impact them, why are mere representatives creating the dirty scenes? Movies are not shown freely anywhere. People spend their hard earned money from their pockets to watch a particular movie, which simply means that they have decided to be open for the content of the movie, and top of that you have that censor certificate. It is like you go to a brothel, pay the woman for her services, and later get upset saying she is a woman of no character because she sleeps with everyone for money!

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