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Every country, every human being, every animal, and every plant has specific energy associated with it. Countries like US have more money, but less spiritual growth, Gulf has more money, but less intellectual capabilities, and India has more spiritual & intellectual energy, but less money. People working in India will always remain poor, compared to someone working in the US. India can become rich provided - Indians work in foreign brands/lands, work in foreign companies, and also if foreign companies invest in India. This was the reason why India had a substantial growth in her economy post 1992 liberalisation and life became more luxurious to many.

For those who are new to my blog – here is what Raj Yog means astrologically.

Raja – means King, and Yoga means Luck - hence Raj Yog means the luck that a King possesses to be successful in his life.

Success can be categorized under two major headings - one material success and another spiritual success. Most people have only one of them, but very few have both.

Ban on blogs!

Did I wake up a bit late? I guess no. I have been following the issue of ‘ban on blogs’ for a couple of days. Bloggers’ revulsions were clearly visible in their fiery write-ups - few called the government’s decision stupid, few gave out anonymous URLs to access blog sites, and few said it is an attack on freedom of expression. I found this particular rebellion more aggressive than for any other issues related to India. Was it because it was about snatching the very basic right? Or was it just because the bloggers felt a personal jolt this time!

How long will Sachin Tendulkar play?

Life is cruel, and more cruel are cricket fans. Cricket lovers treat cricketers as mere whores. They want all the pleasure, all the excitement, and once they are through they would spit on them. No good Indian cricketer has quit or rather allowed to quit with glory. Mumbai insulted Gavaskar before he quit, people were waiting for Kapil Dev to make his exit (also thanks to the most intelligent & the most smartest person on the planet Karan Thapar to have screwed Kapil’s happiness for the world to see), M Azharuddin and Ajay Jadeja were sacked without much of evidences! And now we want to know when Sachin will retire, because we have better people like Dhoni and Sehwag to fulfill our wet dreams.

Child labour!

From what I understand about child labour is that none under the age of 14 should be made to work for money or livelihood.

Understanding the influence of kids on buying behaviour of parents, these days most TV ads have children acting in them. Whether it is about stealing milk from Lord Shiva to make their Horlicks mix and then shaking their hips yelling – hipong, upang, japang. Or it is when they introduce the new flavour of Maggie Dal or it is when Surf and Rin join hands. If we do a research, I am sure most of child models are below the age of 14. I was just wondering if that was not usage of children as labours?!

Our First Video Blog

Kiruba, as always, took the initiative of conducting something new. And this time he had conducted a small meeting to learn what video blogging is all about. I expected few elderly professionals to take us through the whole process, but then it was a team of youngsters, still in their colleges, stepping forward with lots of energy to makes us understand the complete workings of video blogging – right from how to capture them in movie devices till how to upload them on to the net.


I am not a terrorist, because I have not been subjected to gross incidents that would make me one. Of course once I wanted to take a gun and kill all those Government officials – who asked for bribe to provide me my father’s death certificate, the post office officials, who took almost a year deliberately to give back the money my dad had deposited, and the Tahsildar office (Tiruppur) where every desk took bribe to move the file.

Bomb blasts rips Mumbai apart!

Serial bomb blasts rocked Mumbai on 11th Tuesday, 2006. Eight bombs explodes and few hundreds are dead – a sad episode indeed. Someone mailed me asking, can astrology be used to predict these events, so that the real events can be avoided! And I said, it was predicted – not precisely though.

An insight….

There are only two outcomes when the art of Indian Astrology is used to predict events or human lives. The prediction is either right or the prediction is wrong. There are no in betweens. There are no spaces for the ‘law of possibilities’ or ‘law of chances. Astrologers who take the path of possibilities are more successful monetarily – because there are no risks involved. They can escape by soothe saying - if you try, it will happen, if you don’t try, it will not happen. The blame of failures or the glory of success is transferred to the native’s laziness and efforts respectively.

Italy wins the FIFA World Cup, God saves me!

On July 6th, 2006 – I had predicted two important events about FIFA World Cup 2006, and also documented them on my blog site (blog dated July 6th). The first prediction was that for the 3rd place Germany will win. And second – it will be Italy, which will lift the most coveted World Cup. And thank God – both the predictions came right!

The more I know, the more I am unknown!

I carry an ego of being a Masters in Mass Communication with 8 years of experience in the Internet Industry. I carry an ego about being a good astrologer, a tarot reader, and also a Vaasthu and Fengshu consultant (thanks to my teacher to have taught them to me at a terrific pace). I carry an ego about knowing average English, and of handling an OK blog site. What if someone clad in a white waisty, white kurta, chewing beetle leaf and with no knowledge of English make you eat dirt in just 30 minutes? What if you are made to feel that whatever you know is nothing in comparison to what you can probably know? And what if in few minutes you think – your intelligence, knowledge and information has gone to ZERO and that you know NOTHING?!

Prediction for FIFA finals!

It always gives me butterflies in the stomach, when I try to predict anything beyond individual human lives. But with time, in any profession, one should take risks and move ahead – no matter how many times he/she/? fails. With every single step forward, there is always a fear of falling two steps backward. But then what is the fun in not taking any risks? Well I predicted the results for the previous 2 matches (Semifinals) to my wife and sister, but never recorded them anywhere, and they came true. But who cares until and unless predictions are documented – that too much before the real event takes place. That way any astrologer would say, “I knew it will be Italy and France in the finals, and I had told that to my little dog at home!”

Will India ever play World Cup Football?!

We blame it on the insufficient infrastructure. If not, then we blame it on the corrupt system and the crooked politicians. If nothing else we blame it on Pakistan. But what is that which blocks Indians from performing well in sports? Why do we always come back empty hand from Olympics and Asian games? Why do we even not qualify for few International tournaments – like the recently held FIFA? What do we lack exactly? Here is an insight…

The Da Vinci Code!

I am through with Dan Brown’s latest work The Da Vinci Code. I never read fictions. This was only my second novel I read after Sidney Sheldon’s The Doomsday Conspiracy. I found the Da Vinci Code – quite interesting and exhilarating – may be because of the religious connotation it carried. The work is really well researched, has an awesome pace, and gives the reader some insights into things, which we normally refuse to see or accept – for instance the painting of The Last Supper - by Leonarda Da Vinci!

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