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So much for a movie?!

The much-awaited Kamal Hassan starring ‘Vetaiyadu Vilaiyadu’ written and director by Gautham released last week, and I wanted to watch the movie before I read any reviews. I am an ardent fan of Kamal Hasan, and never miss his movies. Mayajaal, my favourite multiplex in Chennai, ran some 10 shows in a day, and we got the ticket for the 11.55 pm show! After college days, this is the first time I have been outside home in the nights with a woman (my wife) and this time I had my 2 kids with me too.

Pluto stripped! So?

Here is the explanation for whether stripping of Pluto as a planet will have any bearing on astrological calculations and predictions!

All the books and literature on Indian astrology were written 1000s of years before telescopes were even invented. Indian saints never categorized planets as present day planets. They named 9 celestial bodies as planets – the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu (umbra) & Ketu (penumbra). And they based the art of predicting human life on the basis of placement of these 9 planets in your horoscope that has 12 houses (zodiacs). They never ever talked about or mentioned about Uranus, or Neptune or Pluto. May be because they knew that these scientist buggers will discover them one day, and some other day debate about its non-existence. (Kindly read the first paragraph twice & understand it thoroughly before you proceed, because one of my educated friends kept arguing about Pluto and it affect on astrology in spite of me pasting this in his chat box)

An important note….

(I had started typing this blog, and I got a call from ‘Times Now’ – yes the news channel. They were doing a news story on the Pluto episode, and they carried Professor Yashpal (scientist), Piyush (Nehru Planetarium), and G. Kennedi (astrologer)’s views on scientist’s new discovery – that the planet Pluto will no longer be a planet but will remain as a dwarf planet. It was a live show, hence could not keep you posted about it. Thankfully I had a handycam to record the same at my home, will post the video once I get it on to the CD! Will blog about Times Now and Pluto episode later).

Here goes the blog…

I am an astrologer for all those who trust me, meet me, buzz me, call me and visit my blogs regularly. My predictions won’t suit all the 100 crore people living in India or few trillion people living in the world. My predictions will suit only those who get connected to me by various means. This is similar to a situation where in you have hundreds of good doctors around you, and also you are aware about who is the most famous among them, but still you prefer someone in particular – because he suits you the best! Which is described as Rhanu Bandana in Sanskrit – and can also be called as karmic connections. Here is what I wanted to tell to all my clients, friends, well-wishers & readers….

Does violence work? – part 2!

There are only two factors that keep a society under control – the law, with the help of force & power, and religion, with the help of fear of God. Of course there are deaths on the basis of religion, but then if religions weren’t there, the deaths will be much more. And ultimately to run the society peacefully, we need to abide to violent bodies precisely in the form of police force or the military force. Does that mean violence work?

Does violence work? – part 1!

I have been pondering over this heading for a couple of days. That - in spite of people being so civilized (at least as we claim to be), in spite of people being completely aware of the aftermath of any violent attacks or war (loss of lives & death of innocent people), & in spite of knowing for sure the futility of violence (debatable) – why does anyone take the path of violence? Does it really work?

If I had listened to…..

One of my friends called me to say that my latest blog on ‘Yantra’ was better than rest of my posts. I said thanks. He continued saying, your other posts are bad, amateurish, and your English sucks! I asked, “were there typos or errors in my grammar?” He said, “no, but you don’t know what you should write.” He was also humble enough to tell me, “take the criticism as a positive remark, and work towards it.” The incident is similar to an instance, where someone stands in front and tells me – you are dark, your nose is big, your eyes look like frogs’, you have a ugly beard, and you look like a fucking beggar, but kindly take the criticism in the positive sense! The simple question is, why should I?

You better don’t waste your money buying yantras!

Before I get into this interesting subject about yantras Click Here to see some deadly pictures of me.
Astrologically yantras are gadgets that help reduce your bad karma, and help you attain all that you desire for – both on the material & spiritual plain. The most common yantras available in the markets are – gems, copper/silver/gold plates, and rudrakshas. Whoever deals with it or sells it – will always say what he sells is genuine and what others sell is fake ones. With the boom in the Internet industry, most of the websites related to astrology & spirituality have also started selling Yantras like FMCG products. I really wish - if my past life bad karma gets vanished by investing in a Lux soap!

Happy Independence Day!

Crocodiles are territorial, so are human beings. Dogs piss around to mark its boundaries and we have barbwires and LOCs. The love towards once own land, a natural animalistic tendency, in a polished language is called patriotism. India celebrates its 59th Independence Day today and in these years we have done enough damage to India – thanks to democracy, the corrupt politicians, and thanks to all of us as individuals. We started as a developing country, and we still are developing, and will remain developing… I guess!

Is the society & law too lenient on women?!

I am personally not for equal rights for men and women – for I don’t think they are equal. I would also go to the extent of saying that men are far more superior to women in all the ways – and this debate can be won with ease. Think I am a male chauvinist? Honestly I don’t mind being one. Of course men and women complement each other in many areas – but still men are more powerful physically, mentally, creatively & spiritually! By creating an illusion of equal rights to women in the society I think we have made the society or law more lenient to women than men.

Self torture – one of the ways to reach God! – Part 2

Different people have different goals and all the different goals culminate into 5 major ambitions, as symbolized by our five fingers. The small finger indicates – power, the ring finger indicates – wealth, the middle finger indicates – sex, the index finger indicates – self search/personal dreams & passion, and the thumb finger indicates – search for God. None can have any other purpose for life, which doesn’t fall in these categories.

Self torture – one of the ways to reach God – part 1!

The rationalists say it is barbaric. And few believers say, if God is good why would he want His disciples to undergo pain? And Christians believe Jesus has died for all of us, then why should we suffer anymore? Interesting most of the religions as a common practice have self-torture as one of the ways to reach God or to become enlightened or to make God happy. What could be the possible reason?

It’s not in the mind always!

I had been to the Shirdi Sai Baba temple on the ECR road yesterday. As I opened my eyes after a few minutes of meditation I found 3 young girls (in their early 20s) wearing tight jeans and tight tops standing in front of me, with their back facing to me, blocking the main deity. Not that I got erotic and wanted to spank their butts after looking at their protruding flesh and assets, but I got damn irritated and was curious to know - why the fuck do they want to look sexy in a temple of all the places?? Huh there of course is an argument that would say – if your heart is clean, or your mind, or your ass is clean you will focus only on God and not on people around you! All crap.

Walk the talk with my 4-year-old daughter!

My first daughter Tejeswini is the first student of the school I run – ‘Atmosphere’ – no bags, no homework, no headaches. And the second student happens to be my second daughter Priyadarshini! Atmosphere focuses on bringing out the individual talent that is already hidden in a child from birth, than imposing a set pattern on a naturally growing child. After attending Kiruba’s meeting on Videoblog and Podcast, I thought it is high time I started podcasting too. This is my first attempt into this new craze. I need to thank few important people, without whom I would have never thought about putting it up at all.

Kiruba (who gave us an awesome presentation about how it has to be done), Sujatha (of podbazaar) who spent nearly 2 hours with me on Yahoo messenger sitting in California to make me understand the process step by step, and of course my 4-year-old daughter who accepted my invitation for a 2 minute interview at once.

This particular podcast is in Tamizh and runs for 2 mns, you can either listen to it online or download it in Mp3 format. And when the show was on, my second daughter who is 2, was a bit jealous that she wasn’t interviewed….you will be able to hear her saying naaanaaa naaanaaa meaning ‘me me’ in Tamizh.

Or Click here to download

One who argues, never agrees!

As we were sipping beer in one of the multiplexes in Chennai, one of my friends (a Hindi speaking guy) said why the fuck are they playing Tamizh songs on the Television? Why can’t they play Hindi or English? I said, “this is Tamil Nadu, and we give more preference to our regional language ‘Tamizh’ than a north Indian language Hindi or an international language English, and honestly I am for Tamizh.” That is where the argument started…..

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