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(I had started typing this blog, and I got a call from ‘Times Now’ – yes the news channel. They were doing a news story on the Pluto episode, and they carried Professor Yashpal (scientist), Piyush (Nehru Planetarium), and G. Kennedi (astrologer)’s views on scientist’s new discovery – that the planet Pluto will no longer be a planet but will remain as a dwarf planet. It was a live show, hence could not keep you posted about it. Thankfully I had a handycam to record the same at my home, will post the video once I get it on to the CD! Will blog about Times Now and Pluto episode later).

Here goes the blog…

I am an astrologer for all those who trust me, meet me, buzz me, call me and visit my blogs regularly. My predictions won’t suit all the 100 crore people living in India or few trillion people living in the world. My predictions will suit only those who get connected to me by various means. This is similar to a situation where in you have hundreds of good doctors around you, and also you are aware about who is the most famous among them, but still you prefer someone in particular – because he suits you the best! Which is described as Rhanu Bandana in Sanskrit – and can also be called as karmic connections. Here is what I wanted to tell to all my clients, friends, well-wishers & readers….

One of the major celestial events that affect human life is Saturn Transit, and it is about to happen in November 2006. Astrologically Saturn will move from Kataka (Cancer) into Simha (Leo). And this will bring major changes in people’s life….

The bad part –

Few clients of mine will have – suicidal tendencies, problems in marital life, problems in career, thoughts about quitting jobs, health problems for him/her as well as family members, loss of money, depression, and a feeling of stagnancy.

As a remedy you can go to temples on all Saturdays, and light diya to Shani Bhagwan. Or you can chant Om Namo Shivaya 108 times every morning before 7 am. This will lead to peace of mind.

The good part –

Few clients will have – unexpected increase in income and salary, job interviews in MNCs & bigger companies, good news on the marriage & children front, foreign prospects, and fulfillment of material desires

Both bad and good part will get triggered, and events will move at a very fast pace. Hence the people who are running the bad phase are advised to postpone important decisions about work and relationships, and wait peacefully till end of November 2006.

And people who come under good part are advised to keep all their options open, and to avoid blocking any processes. Donate to the needy, and pray for others.

(In one day I got 6 calls of my existing clients, complaining about similar problems. Hence I thought I would leave an important note for you, so that you understand what really is going on in the cosmos).

I surely will pray for you, and you guys don’t forget to pray for me ;)

May God Bless All :)

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