Does violence work? – part 2!

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There are only two factors that keep a society under control – the law, with the help of force & power, and religion, with the help of fear of God. Of course there are deaths on the basis of religion, but then if religions weren’t there, the deaths will be much more. And ultimately to run the society peacefully, we need to abide to violent bodies precisely in the form of police force or the military force. Does that mean violence work?

Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra and Brahmins are 4 important varnas. No, I am not talking about any particular caste, or creed or sect. They essentially are energy patterns found in human beings, in a particular community/movement, and also in particular countries. They are basic characteristics, and when any kind of problem arises, people tend to use one of the 4 energy forms mentioned above or a combination of all.

The Brahmin (I am not talking about the Brahmin community here) way of solving a problem is negotiations, discussions, prayers, and blessings. People associated with religious activities or peace-loving people use this way to solve problems. Not all the problems in the world can be solved using Brahminism. Even Lord Ram tried to solve his problem with Ravana through negotiations, but it didn’t work, till he took up the weapon.

The Shudra way of solving a problem is what a criminal uses or a politician uses. Back biting, back stabbing, black magic, usage of occult sciences are few things used in this type of solving problems. The problem is solved in such a way that the doer is unknown. In today’s world, you can see Shudra ways of solving problems predominant in Corporate offices. You will never understand who did the back stabbing work, and one fine day you get sacked!

The Vaishya way of solving problems is bringing in business deals. You give me this, and I will give you that – and our problem is solved. A man gets rid of his wife, by providing her compensation – it is a Vaishya way of solving problems. Or the problem between India and Pakistan – here is the LOC, neither you should cross this nor do we cross it - the problem is solved.

The last and the most important way of solving problems is the Kshatriya ways. When all the above ways fail then one is forced to take up the weapon and fight for his cause. You die or I die – but we need to have a solution for the problem. India doesn’t keep negotiating with Pakistan when there are cross border shootings. First India warns Pakistan, and if nothing works out it is forced to take up the weapon and fight! And the same happens to any terrorist outfits. They start of with negotiations, if nothing works – they take up weapons!

When there is violent mob on the roads lighting effigies, and putting buses on fire – try taking Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to give a public discourse. It will never work. To bring situation under control lathi charges becomes a must, or firing tear gases becomes a must. Violence works!

Now the million-dollar question is - why do innocent lives have to suffer in the process? It is simple - when a man & a woman decide on separation (divorce), who suffers the most? It is the child that suffers the most. It is part and parcel of any conflicts – the innocent will suffer in the process, and there is no way out!

So what is the moral of the story? Not that anyone wants bloodshed or anyone wants violence. All want to have a peaceful life. But then when you have a problem, and if it is not heard, it leads to problems and ultimately to violence. Though many saints, religious leaders and astrologers would say – that all wars will stop, and people will remain in harmony. It cannot happen till humanity as such exists on the planet. There will be wars in regular intervals, there will be bloodsheds, and there will death of innocent lives – nothing much can be done about the same, because violence works sometimes, and solves many a problems!

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