Happy Independence Day!

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Crocodiles are territorial, so are human beings. Dogs piss around to mark its boundaries and we have barbwires and LOCs. The love towards once own land, a natural animalistic tendency, in a polished language is called patriotism. India celebrates its 59th Independence Day today and in these years we have done enough damage to India – thanks to democracy, the corrupt politicians, and thanks to all of us as individuals. We started as a developing country, and we still are developing, and will remain developing… I guess!

The effortless and the easiest way to prove our worth as Indians is to wear a cotton cloth today, hoist the flag, and sing the national anthem, even if we don’t understand what it really means, and forget about Indianess for the rest of the 364 ¼ days. Or the other way is to become a NRI and listen to Swades’s song while driving.

We have been trained to have New Year resolutions, which we predictably break in the very first month itself. So this year, for a change, let us have few Independence Day resolution, so that these small changes could bring big different at least in the next decade….

*Use hands free while riding/driving. You could be an expert rider, but the people who follow you think you are a brainless nut. That too when you talk over the phone keeping your head tilted on a bike!

*You could be literate or illiterate - it doesn’t matter. You have all the rights to chew pan masalas but try not to spit, as if you vomit, on public roads, or at least don’t spit at the traffic signals.

*Don’t think you are the smartest, and the person you reached the counter first is a dumb asshole. Try coming in queue. If there ain’t any queue, try forming it. This resolution applies to all those educated and hype crowd who go to watch movies in multiplexes like Satyam Theatres.

*Give preference to pedestrians.

*You could be a Gujarathi, and could be even proud to be one. Doesn’t matter. But when you talk to people or over the phone, see to it that only you and the other person hear the conversation. Let not the world know what you are talking.

*Indian electronic items sucks, agreed. But at least use Indian clothes.

*Don’t bargain with a vegetable vendor or a flower seller.

*It is perfectly OK if you don’t pay your taxes properly, but then donate 10 per cent of your income or profit to the needy – so that in the next 10 years at least, not a single Indian child goes to sleep empty stomach. Try NOT to donate to organization like CRY – they spend most money in flying their representatives!

*Don’t work for more than 8 hours.

*Watch less TV, especially news channels like NDTV or Times Now or Aaj Tak et al, and spend more time with self, friends, family, nature, and God.

*An important resolution for Corporates – don’t exploit employers. And employees don’t get exploited.

*Respect Indian culture, Indian values, Indian arts, and Indian artisans.

*Drink, but don’t get drunk for drink in measure is a pleasure.

*Don’t celebate life, celeRate it.

These are few easy changes that we can bring which could possibly make us feel proud to be Indians!

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