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One of my friends called me to say that my latest blog on ‘Yantra’ was better than rest of my posts. I said thanks. He continued saying, your other posts are bad, amateurish, and your English sucks! I asked, “were there typos or errors in my grammar?” He said, “no, but you don’t know what you should write.” He was also humble enough to tell me, “take the criticism as a positive remark, and work towards it.” The incident is similar to an instance, where someone stands in front and tells me – you are dark, your nose is big, your eyes look like frogs’, you have a ugly beard, and you look like a fucking beggar, but kindly take the criticism in the positive sense! The simple question is, why should I?

The truth is I don’t blog to brand myself as a great writer or a great blogger. I am aware of my limitations. I don’t blog to convince people about astrology, and make them come to me as my clients. If I am a good astrologer, God will send me good clients – I need not advertise myself as a good astrologer in newspapers, TV or the Internet. And also I don’t blog to project myself as a holier than though character – I have beer at times, I have sex, and I also watch pornography. I am just a normal human being, with normal senses, and normal feelings, who by God’s grace learnt astrology, and practices astrology for a living.

I just write about my thoughts, my experiences – both sane and insane. And I feel my blog gives a vent to my feelings. And I feel better after writing a blog. It is like puking after a long distance travel – you feel better. And whom do I write my blogs for? I write just for my personal happiness. Whether the reader agrees with what I write, or disagrees with me – to be honest I don’t care.

Of course people advice me out of good will, and love towards me. But then the first rule of life is- ‘do not advice others before someone asks for it.’

Here is a list of things I would have never done in my life if I had listened to others –

*If I had listened to my father – I would have never done my Masters in Mass Communication. Instead I would have done M.Sc., then PhD, and then would have been a Chemistry professor in some Arts college

*If I had listened to my mother – I would have never gone to Mumbai for my first job, and would have never started my career from a Internet industry

*If I had listened to my sisters – I would have never married my wife

*If I had listened to my wife – I would have never learnt astrology. She used to block me everyday asking me not to go

*If I had listened to both my wife and mother – I would never be growing my hair and beard, which I love the most in myself

*If I had listened to my boss, colleagues, superiors, seniors and well wishers – I would have stopped blogging in the year 2004 itself, and would have continued getting exploited in Sify

*If I had listened to my close friends – I would have never quit Sify, and I would have never become a full time astrologer

You can call it arrogance. It is fine. Me not listening to others does not mean I am completely closed. I am open. I am open only when I ask for advice. Or else I hate free advice or counseling.

Most of the decisions I have taken in my life is either told to me by God or told to me by my inner being. Whether right or wrong – I just follow my inner voice. If I want to do a mistake, it should be my own personal decision, not anyone else’s decision.

The basic lesson, which I learnt very early in my life was – ‘whether you take the right decision or wrong decision it doesn’t matter. What matters is who takes the decision – you or someone else takes the decision for you.’

Make mistakes, and make mistakes deliberately. Life becomes more exciting.

Not always does life go in a straight pattern– study well till 22, get a job, work till 27, get a girl, get married, have kids, buy house, buy car, then work till 58, get diseases and die, it has many other twists and turns, and you should be personally responsible and ready to face them all!

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