Is the society & law too lenient on women?!

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I am personally not for equal rights for men and women – for I don’t think they are equal. I would also go to the extent of saying that men are far more superior to women in all the ways – and this debate can be won with ease. Think I am a male chauvinist? Honestly I don’t mind being one. Of course men and women complement each other in many areas – but still men are more powerful physically, mentally, creatively & spiritually! By creating an illusion of equal rights to women in the society I think we have made the society or law more lenient to women than men.

While editing copies for newspapers or while reporting accidents and mishaps, the journalists are asked to give special focus on the number of women and children who lost their lives or who suffered injuries - as if men’s life are less valuable than women’s. If we talk about equality, then say plainly – 25 people die that’s all. Also for eve teasing, which supposedly is considered to be an insult to women, is an offense leading to imprisonment for 10 years. Then what about men who get insulted or ditched day in and day out?!

Kautilya’s Arthashastra says – the punishment for adultery by women is to amputate her nose and one ear. I have heard many instances of man’s dick cut off for adultery, but never in life heard woman’s nose or ear or boobs cut off for the same offence. Why is that? Equality means, it should be equal in all areas – both good and bad.

One of my close relatives found evidences of his wife having slept with other man before marriage. The modern woman would say what’s wrong in sleeping with other man whom you love before marriage? There is nothing wrong - provided you are open enough to tell your parents and your would-be spouse about the same before marriage. Or if you are bold enough to mention the same in your matrimonial advertisement – 24, fair, Caste- blah, blah, Religion – blah blah, Salary – 25,000, Slept with – 3 men so far…..

My relative, as a normal human being, filed a divorce without giving valid reasons – because he didn’t wanted to make the disloyalty story public. He asked his wife to go back to her parents home. The wife and her parents didn’t knew the exact reason, and filed a FIR in the police station saying she came back home because her Mother In Law tortured her – a false case!

The case turned on to their favour - as most cases filed by daughters’ in law are taken more seriously even without evidences especially after those 1980s dowry era. And now what they wanted was huge compensation in return. Ladka gaya to chalega, lekin paisa aanaa mangta hai (it is ok if the guy has gone, we need money). The case went on for few years, till my relative had to produce the evidences he found in the court. He won the case – thanks to the evidence or else I am sure both he and his mother would have been behind bars!

Just yesterday I got a call from one of my clients who was being forced by a police inspector to sign a no objection letter, which the wife and her parents wanted him to. The law, without proper verifications, was lenient towards the woman and her parents than the man. The deal was either he should sign the document or the wife will file a false FIR against him for torturing her, and put him behind bars. The guy works for an IT company, and out of fear of losing his job – had to sign the paper under tremendous pressure. The funny part was – I asked my client to hand over the phone to the Inspector, and the inspector refused to talk to me. I over heard him asking my client with doubt – aver enna vakil aa (is your friend a lawyer?).

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