It’s not in the mind always!

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I had been to the Shirdi Sai Baba temple on the ECR road yesterday. As I opened my eyes after a few minutes of meditation I found 3 young girls (in their early 20s) wearing tight jeans and tight tops standing in front of me, with their back facing to me, blocking the main deity. Not that I got erotic and wanted to spank their butts after looking at their protruding flesh and assets, but I got damn irritated and was curious to know - why the fuck do they want to look sexy in a temple of all the places?? Huh there of course is an argument that would say – if your heart is clean, or your mind, or your ass is clean you will focus only on God and not on people around you! All crap.

It is a proven fact that woman’s flesh attracts men, and a man’s power or money attracts women. Not all who come to temples are enlightened saints - they are average men with average sexuality. And by wearing such provocative clothes to temples, can only persuade men to look at girls more than the main deity. The truth is - it disturbs. And there are no bonus points for women to feel good about the power of their sexuality.

What if men come to temple with their fly open and their dick hanging out? Will women be able to ignore it and focus on God than man’s genitals? Or what if the pujari lifts his waisty to show his butt when he is performing the arthi or puja? Don’t bring sexuality to NORMAL temples. If you belong to the cult that says, sex is god given, and can be used to get enlightened – then it is a different story. In that case you should be ready for a gangbang with Holy Saints - it still happens in places like Varanasi!

Of course all have the right to wear what they want to wear, but try wearing for the occasion and also after knowing the purpose. You don’t shit in your kitchen and eat sitting on your commode. If you want to flaunt your sexuality disco joints is the best place. Now kindly don’t wear a saree to a discotheque. And if you want to roam around nude – there are nude beaches in Goa, don’t wear a Salwar Kameez there. And if it is temples, wear something that hides your sexuality, so that all can concentrate on God and not on your tits.

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