One who argues, never agrees!

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As we were sipping beer in one of the multiplexes in Chennai, one of my friends (a Hindi speaking guy) said why the fuck are they playing Tamizh songs on the Television? Why can’t they play Hindi or English? I said, “this is Tamil Nadu, and we give more preference to our regional language ‘Tamizh’ than a north Indian language Hindi or an international language English, and honestly I am for Tamizh.” That is where the argument started…..

I hate Karunanidhi for all other reasons, but there are two things I always admired him for – one his literary contribution to the language Tamizh and second for his protest & demonstration against forcing Hindi into Tamil Nadu.

The argument is simple. On what basis should Indian national language be Hindi and not Tamizh or Sanskrit for that matter, which has more historic glory and historic relevance than any other Indian languages? Just because people living in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh or Bihar – use Hindi as their mother tongue, should we accept them to be ours too? I am not against Hindi I am against giving more importance to the national language or international language at the cost of regional languages.

There was a special reason why Mahatma Gandhi wanted ‘Hindustani’ to be a National language. During his times, there were communal disharmony between Hindus and Muslims, and to bring unity among them he wanted a language that is a mixture of both Hindi and Urdu. But somewhere, someone construed Hindi to be a national language without any consensus and without any valid reason.

Even in the history books you will find the mention of South India’s contribution for the freedom struggle being completely ignored by the North. Why is that? Did only the North fight for the freedom?

Tamilians have contributed enough to freedom struggle and also to the civilization part. Archeologists confirm scientifically that South Indians used to trade with Rome, even before Aryans invaded India. Also out of the stone carvings that date to 5000 years or so, 70 per cent were found in Tamil Nadu, and 90 per cent of them were written in Tamizh. In fact South Indians had reached their peak of civilization, even before a language called Hindi was formed!

And this is my personal experience – most North Indians have a gross attitude of being holier than though. And funnily would look down upon people who are dark or who have an accent over Hindi. At least he/she tries to speak in Hindi. The real fun will be when a Hindi speaking guy tries speaking in Tamizh.

Any South Indian who travels to North will pick up Hindi in a couple of months. This could be because he has no inhibition to learn a new language, or may be because he is more intelligent than an average North Indian. And if any North Indian who comes down to South to work for livelihood – he/she will not take a single step to learn Tamizh, or Telugu or Malayalam or Kannada, and will be proud enough to say – they don’t speak the regional language! Huh.

If you are in Rome, you need to be a Roman. You would swallow idlies like a starving pig and drink sambar like a thirsty camel, living in Tamil Nadu, and still say others should prefer Hindi over regional language, then it is high time you go back to your native state and find a job for yourself.

I know this particular blog of mine might not have any relevance in the present scenario especially when the world is becoming a global village, and when ENGLISH might become a common language for communication in future. But still, I am totally against the death of regional languages at the hands of Hindi or English!

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