Pluto stripped! So?

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Here is the explanation for whether stripping of Pluto as a planet will have any bearing on astrological calculations and predictions!

All the books and literature on Indian astrology were written 1000s of years before telescopes were even invented. Indian saints never categorized planets as present day planets. They named 9 celestial bodies as planets – the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu (umbra) & Ketu (penumbra). And they based the art of predicting human life on the basis of placement of these 9 planets in your horoscope that has 12 houses (zodiacs). They never ever talked about or mentioned about Uranus, or Neptune or Pluto. May be because they knew that these scientist buggers will discover them one day, and some other day debate about its non-existence. (Kindly read the first paragraph twice & understand it thoroughly before you proceed, because one of my educated friends kept arguing about Pluto and it affect on astrology in spite of me pasting this in his chat box)

In olden days, most kings had a personal astrologer. Varahamira & Brihat Parashara are considered to be the founder of Indian astrology. Varahamira had few assistants, and they had a tedious job to do. Each will face one direction, and keep staring at the sky right from morning to night. Based on the colour of sun, shape of the moon, the direction in which meteors fell, the stars that were bright and shining et al – they will predict events for King. It was thus Indian saints found the 12 zodiac signs, and 5 planets – namely – Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn. And they never ever mentioned about Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

Swami Prabhu Padha, the founder of ISKCON (The International Society of Krishna Consciousness) rightly calls all scientists mere rascals. The science of astronomy was initially based on astrology, and it was astrology that paved way for astronomy. And once these buggers invented telescopes, and found the astrological calculations done by saints, just by sitting and staring at the sky, in synch with what they calculated using lenses - they immediately argued that astrology has no scientific evidences, and only astronomy is scientific. It is like kicking off your mother calling her a bitch after you are born. If astronomy was scientific, and based on rationality, how come you take back what you said in 1930 - that Pluto is a planet!

The scriptures and literature on astrology are so perfect, that you cannot add anything or take away anything. Every single aspect of human life is already covered in astrology – to the extent that I have found out about a head injury before the age of 5, and about a prominent mole on the face just by looking at his natal chart – without even seeing the client and sitting miles away from the client!

May scientists discover 1000 more planets, and also deny its existence after few years –it will make no difference to the calculations and the predictions that are done based on the planets Indian saints and rishis had found.

Well stripping of Pluto’s position as planet is a severe jolt to science and scientists, and not to astrology or astrologers!

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