Self torture – one of the ways to reach God – part 1!

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The rationalists say it is barbaric. And few believers say, if God is good why would he want His disciples to undergo pain? And Christians believe Jesus has died for all of us, then why should we suffer anymore? Interesting most of the religions as a common practice have self-torture as one of the ways to reach God or to become enlightened or to make God happy. What could be the possible reason?

If you apply pure logic, then what Gautam Buddha called his wife was perfectly correct. Looking at his wife he said – I could see only a bag of skeleton, blood and excreta. If that logic is right, then why does Rakhi Sawant gets paid a fortune to flash her tits in public, while a local dance bar girl get paid peanuts? Even though logically, scientifically & chemically their flesh are made of the same substance!

If logically every woman is the same then why do men fall in love with only few women they come across and not all? Of course men get sexually attracted to most women they meet in their lives, but they tend to love or admire very few. There is no rationale behind it, though science could talk about hormonal imbalance to explain the concept of love.

Religion or God is not for the rationalists. No religion has any logic, it ought to be that way, and that is a beauty of any religion.

Why does it hurt when a girl ditches you? Why do you feel elated if you know someone loves you? Why does it pain when someone close dies in front of your eyes? Science has no explanations. And science, logic and rationality are wrong tools used to understand religion as well.

Religion is more of a personal belief, and need not have any scientific credibility to it. There is no need either. Bible & Quran had referred to the planet earth as being flat, and later science proved it to be elliptical. Does that revelations reduce the number of Bible readers or reduced the number of Muslims? It didn’t and it can’t – simply because any scientific evidences cannot shatter the uncorrupt trust people have on the almighty. And it doesn’t mean that all those believers are irrational in any sense.

To be continued.....

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