Self torture – one of the ways to reach God! – Part 2

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Different people have different goals and all the different goals culminate into 5 major ambitions, as symbolized by our five fingers. The small finger indicates – power, the ring finger indicates – wealth, the middle finger indicates – sex, the index finger indicates – self search/personal dreams & passion, and the thumb finger indicates – search for God. None can have any other purpose for life, which doesn’t fall in these categories.

Life treats different people differently hence none can argue which is the right goal or the right path for an individual. The money lover is happy making money, the power seeker enjoys his power, and the womanizer has no complaints about his life. A person on self-search or a person in the search of God cannot necessarily win the argument proving he is happier than the other. The problem arises only when midway a person realizes the futility of his effort – and this could happen also to a person who was searching for the almighty!

Fasting, hurting thyself to the extent of bleeding, walking to the hill top temple barefooted, tonsuring the head, piercing, tattooing et al are some of the common practices most religion recommends to appease the God. All the above have scientific and spiritual reasons associated with them, about which I will blog later. These tortures undergone by religious seekers obviously sound barbaric…but the same tortures are experienced by the rationalists too- without their knowledge though.


Haven’t you skipped your food, just because your boss wanted a work to be done on time? Didn’t you forget eating just because you were busy with work the whole day and wanted to impress your boss with your hard work? Haven’t you skipped your meals, because you had an important meeting to attend? In this scenario you undergo fasting for money (your interest), while the religious person fasts to seek God (His interest).

Hurting thyself

It is said Hindi movie Super Star Rajesh Khanna used to get the maximum number of love letters written in blood! Lovers still do that. They tattoo themselves with their beloved’s names, they make funny marks using pins and cigarettes on them, they get drunk to forget the past, they cry in solitude, and few even commit suicide or think about committing suicide. These people do it for a woman, and the religious person does it for the God.

Walking to the hill top

I don’t know if someone enjoys standing for 2-4 hours everyday in buses or trains to reach their office on time. And I am also not sure if people love getting up in the morning to rush to their office amidst busy traffic. What if you are given the same salary and given 2 choices to select from? You either work or can have an unlimited holiday in your favorite destination. I am sure very few will select the former option. So the truth is – you hang in the train and bus for money, and a religious person walks the hilltop to know God.

In recent times many age-old religious practices were put to an end without understanding the deeper meanings and thanks to the media. Media is a rational body, and it would always want people to become non-believers, so that people would watch more TV and increase the TRPs and spend less time in meditation or religiousness.

Media and religion are two opposite extremes, and they can never meet, and it is better they don’t meet. The news channels would always poke its nose everywhere - even if they don’t understand the subject or even when they don’t have any expertise on the topic.

Well religion has become one such subject that any illiterate asshole can leave his comment. News channels dealing with religious subjects are similar to channels like Aastha and Sanskar covering barbaric sexual lives of newsreaders and journalists! They don’t mix and they don’t match!

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