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The much-awaited Kamal Hassan starring ‘Vetaiyadu Vilaiyadu’ written and director by Gautham released last week, and I wanted to watch the movie before I read any reviews. I am an ardent fan of Kamal Hasan, and never miss his movies. Mayajaal, my favourite multiplex in Chennai, ran some 10 shows in a day, and we got the ticket for the 11.55 pm show! After college days, this is the first time I have been outside home in the nights with a woman (my wife) and this time I had my 2 kids with me too.

The movie was awesome. The characterization of Kamal will surely inspire a lot of youngsters to become cops in their lives. In fact after the movie was over, even I was thinking about the age limit to enroll as a policeman. I guess I am already too old for it.

The background score by Harris Jayaraj rocks, and creates the right mood at the right time. The story is excellent, and has impressive twists and turns. The pace of the movie is well maintained, and there are many scenes that will give you goose bubbles. Kamal is admirable, right from his body language as a middle aged DCP to the wireless stunts he performs, and Jyothika is watchable in the romance sequences.

The movie got over at 3 am, and we reached home at 4 am. It was quite an experience to ride bike at that hour on the ECR. We thought we were the only cranky people around to take such a risk. But then the hall was full! I am sure if they had run another show at 3 am – even then people would have flocked. The charisma of Kamal Hassan I should say.

Verdict – A must watch!

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