Walk the talk with my 4-year-old daughter!

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My first daughter Tejeswini is the first student of the school I run – ‘Atmosphere’ – no bags, no homework, no headaches. And the second student happens to be my second daughter Priyadarshini! Atmosphere focuses on bringing out the individual talent that is already hidden in a child from birth, than imposing a set pattern on a naturally growing child. After attending Kiruba’s meeting on Videoblog and Podcast, I thought it is high time I started podcasting too. This is my first attempt into this new craze. I need to thank few important people, without whom I would have never thought about putting it up at all.

Kiruba (who gave us an awesome presentation about how it has to be done), Sujatha (of podbazaar) who spent nearly 2 hours with me on Yahoo messenger sitting in California to make me understand the process step by step, and of course my 4-year-old daughter who accepted my invitation for a 2 minute interview at once.

This particular podcast is in Tamizh and runs for 2 mns, you can either listen to it online or download it in Mp3 format. And when the show was on, my second daughter who is 2, was a bit jealous that she wasn’t interviewed….you will be able to hear her saying naaanaaa naaanaaa meaning ‘me me’ in Tamizh.

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