You better don’t waste your money buying yantras!

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Before I get into this interesting subject about yantras Click Here to see some deadly pictures of me.
Astrologically yantras are gadgets that help reduce your bad karma, and help you attain all that you desire for – both on the material & spiritual plain. The most common yantras available in the markets are – gems, copper/silver/gold plates, and rudrakshas. Whoever deals with it or sells it – will always say what he sells is genuine and what others sell is fake ones. With the boom in the Internet industry, most of the websites related to astrology & spirituality have also started selling Yantras like FMCG products. I really wish - if my past life bad karma gets vanished by investing in a Lux soap!

I don’t say that these yantras are useless and they don’t work. They do work. But there are many tedious processes involved in it, before you start using them.

Though many a websites promise of charging the yantras through spiritual energies, prayers or meditation, most of the yantras you will buy will have no results. (if you have invested in a yantra, and also if it has worked for you – kindly mail me the details at

If you have a headache, and if I take a tablet, will you be cured? Karmic rules are similar to this example. None except YOU yourself can solve your karmic connections. Though Ramana Maharishi was a saint of highest caliber, he suffered from Cancer. Why was that? In fact he had to go through the karmic sufferings of his past life, no matter what.

Of course there are people who can reduce your bad karma. There are many instances where Satya Sai Baba has taken over others sufferings, including diseases like Cancer, and cured them. In that case – you should be very close to your master or the master should like you as a person, and should be happy with your performances.

Here is the a glimpse into the process of charging your gadget – before you wear or use a talisman or gadget, you should go on a COMPLETE abstinence for at least 48 days (the number of days depends on what exactly you want).

Complete abstinence means – no sex, no non veg, no booze, no smoking, no meeting people, no movies, no entertainments, no TV, only 2 clothes to change, no eating out, no shaking hands with people, avoiding crowd, sleeping on floor, bathing in cold water, skipping at least 1 meal, eating only half stomach, no shaving, no traveling, and on top of it you should be able to chant a particular mantra for 1,25,000 times in 48 days keeping the gadget in front of a deity or God’s photo.

1, 25,000 in 48 days means 3-4 hours of chanting everyday. And if you miss a single day, the next day becomes the first day. Now this is one of the processes to charge 1 gadget, for 1 single purpose.

Now logically will the websites or the person who sells gadgets to you undergo this process to sell you the gadget? Has anybody have so much time in life that he will go on total abstinence to charge YOUR gadget? The easier way is to keep some 100-200 gadgets in front of the deity, and chant the mantra for 9 times that is all. Can those gadget have the power to change your destiny?!! You better don’t waste your money buying gadgets!

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