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No updates till 30th September, 2006

I am taking a loooooong break hence there won’t be any updates on my site till month end. Will see you guys after the break. Till then Happy Blogging & may God Bless All!

My visit to Tirupathi – part 2!

After abandoning the queue….quite perturbed I stood there thinking what to do next? My mom called me over the phone. I told her that I am not taking the Lord Balaji’s darshan this time, and will rather attend my friend’s marriage and come back. She said it is not a good idea to not to take darshan after being in Tirupathi. I said it is fine, will check next time. I had my lunch, and called my friend who was getting married to guide me to the room he had booked for me. Through all the possible contacts he had, he was trying his best to get a darshan for me – but nothing seemed to be materializing.

My visit to Tirupathi – part 1!

I had a prayer pending. I had prayed to come walking to Tirupathi (hill top) from Alipiri (down hill). Incidentally one of my clients was getting married on 10th, and I thought I could club both – marriage as well as Lord Balaji’s darshan. The last time I visited Tirupathi was in the year 1990 – a fully sponsored trip - with my father, mother and sisters. The thought of Tirupathi always gave me jitters especially the huge crowd and the long queues. Formerly it used to take 4-6 hours for God’s darshan and these days it takes 2-3 days!!!

Dealing with your woman's manipulation

This article is not mine, this was written by Matthew Fitzgerald & I lifted it from (the main influence behind me naming my site In fact I would have loved to write an article on similar lines….honestly it is an interesting read... go on….

Guys, take this mini-quiz. Do you:

*Agree to go to "chick flicks," the opera, plays, etc., even though you don't want to (and she never reciprocates by attending the events you enjoy)?

*Always pick up the tab for dating expenses, even though she has an excellent, high-paying job?

*Have sex only on her terms and only when she's "in the mood"?

*Suddenly find yourself changing your clothing, hairstyle, décor, and car according to her demands?

*Act as her door-to-door chauffeur, problem-solver, financier?

*Keep calling her (and making excuses for her behavior) when she doesn't return calls or is otherwise "unavailable"?

Understanding Islam better!

Just because few Muslims happen to be terrorists, it doesn’t mean we need to get biased towards all of them. All my friends who are Muslims are peaceful & peace loving people and they hardly talk about violence. But in recent times the West and the media have succeeded in creating a fear in minds of people against Muslims, that which happened against Sikhs a couple of decades back. Thanks to our own fundamentalist parties like BJP & RSS to have added more venom to the otherwise brotherly relationship.

Here is the pocast interview with Dr M P Aboobakar, an expert in Islam, who throws light on few misunderstood and misinterpreted concepts about Islam….

Click here to download the conversation

The Questions that were asked were…..

10 Questions with Dr M P Aboobakar!

In context with the latest controversies connected to Muslims and Islam, I thought having a conversation with a Muslim expert would throw some light on few interpretations and few misinterpretations related to Islam. Hence planned a podcast interview with Mr Dr M P Aboobakr…..

Dr. M P Aboobakar Thwahir, MA (Political Science and International Law), ND (Doctor of Naturopathy), Ph.D (Medicina Alternativa), D.Sc (Dietetics), Dip in Arabic (Cairo) is the founder of All India Letter Writers Association (Both electronic and print media).

The first & the last marathon I ran!

18 kilometres! And they casually said it is a ‘Mini’ marathon. The real ones comprise of 42 kms I guess. We neither wanted to prove our stamina nor wanted to win the marathon. The announcement said ‘Free T-shirts for all who participated’ – that is what attracted us. Out of the many who stayed in hostel we four were the only guys who jogged & exercised regularly those days (1994). Hence thought we had a fair amount of chance to win. Rest of the 48 people who participated were athletes and long time marathon runners!

Steve Irwin dies!!!

This news has come to me as a nasty shock. Never felt so sad in my life ever before - for anyone else’s death. He was so admirable, and so good dealing with the dangerous Crocodiles. What else can I say? A big loss not only to Australia but also to the whole world!

Click here to know more

8 years of married life or torrid life?!

August 30th 2006, we celebrated our 8th marriage anniversary. I was 23, and she was 19, when we fell in love and got married in a short time frame of 2 months. We didn’t do too much of thinking before we got wed-locked. It happened, and I am sure it was destined to happen that way. I have heard this phrase, which says, marriage is not a bed of roses it has thorns too. But then the realization of a phrase is much different than mugging up a phrase.

Stand for dharma!

I was told that when you are on the side of Dharma (righteousness) you could single handedly fight with 100 people who are on the opposite side – precisely on the side of Adharma. Neither physical strength matters nor the power of money matters - you can stand there ‘still’ and none will have the guts to touch you. It is another story that most of the times we don’t know the difference between dharma and adharma.

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