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Wish you a very Happy Diwali!

Askenni.com wishes all its readers, believers, non-believers, critics and haters a very Happy & Safe Diwali. Spend more time with people than with computers this year & burst as much crackers as possible!

Is puberty ceremony an embarrassing event? – Part 2

Looking at their faces, it is very easy to know whether a woman is having her periods or not. And I have done that to many close friends, relatives and people I know. They might try to hide a lot behind their makes up & foundation, but then it is quite clearly visible for anyone who can see a bit beyond what is seen.

Is puberty ceremony an embarrassing event? - Part 1!

I read these two statements in one of the blogs recently hence thought would put some light on the subject, & also make some people understand few things they are ignorant about - in spite of being well educated.

“To this day, there exist educated girls' families who will announce to the whole world that she's attained puberty; create and celebrate her embarrassment.”


“To this day, there exist educated girls' parents who won't let the girl touch household stuff or other people during her monthly cycle. And make her sleep on the floor during that time.”

Get Shot Alive?!

He doesn’t shoot black bucks he shoots people for a fee! I should say he was one of the first persons to tell me that I should start blogging. We were colleagues at Sify, and he has quit his job now and taken up a profession that will change the way people look at themselves. He does it without spilling a drop of blood, but then insist that you should have a smile on your face when he does his job! Click here & Get shot!

Endorsing products!

Rashmi Bansal told me that Bejan Daruwalla (Lord Ganesha’s grandson – that is what most astrologers of Indian Council of Astrological Services (ICAS) call him) is endorsing platinum ornaments for this Diwali. There is no harm in a celebrity astrologer endorsing consumer products. He after all is a celebrity, and becoming a celebrity ain’t easy. Celebrities can endorse Coke, they can endorse Lee Jeans or they can endorse bikes. But astrologers or spiritual leaders endorsing products should not send wrong signals to the believers or the non-believers!

Extra Marital Affair – part 2!

I admire Lakshmana more than Lord Ram. He left his wife for his brother (a real sign of sacrifice), he never even saw Sita’s face (may be he thought he might get attracted to her being without sex for long in the jungle), and even when he got an opportunity to have sex from the opposite (Shurpanakha asking for a quickie) he refused and cut off her nose! Lakshamana also had a siddhi (miraculous ability) which most people never had till BPOs came into being. He could stay awake all through nights and go sleepless for days together!
Well that is not the topic of discussion it was about extra marital affairs…

Extra marital affair – part 1!

Lord Ram should have had a very bad horoscope astrologically. Here are few astrological jargons and the effect of them on him.

His 4th house/lord of mother would have been afflicted (bad planetary placement) hence he had problems through his mother (Step mother Kaiki, who asked her husband Dashrath to send him to exile).

He would have had affliction for 9th house/lord for father – hence bad luck through father (Dashrath sent him to 14 years exile).

Does growing hair & beard helps spiritual growth?

There are two schools of thought – one – which says external looks supplement spiritual growth and another which says spirituality is all about inner connection to God hence there is no need that you should look spiritual to become a spiritual person – like men growing their hair & beard and wearing specified attires/orange robes. Initially there existed two kinds of sanyasis – one who would completely shave off their heads (like Aadi Shankara, Raman Maharishi or Mahavira) and second who will never cut off their hair (Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh, Osho or Gautham Buddha). I really doubt people who looked like normal householder ever existed as spiritual persons those days (like Sukhabogananda or Shiv Shankar Baba or Kalki Bhagwan).

Kashi Yatra – Part 3 - The End!

I know that my updates on Kashi Yatra are getting dragged like Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan. But then too many things to write, and also too many pending orders to be taken care of. Hence the delay…here goes the update…

Sitting on the footsteps of Kedar Ghat my mom and me were introduced to a South Indian purohit – a Brahmin - to perform my father’s death ritual. He was a young guy, and I am sure he was well versed in all the South Indian languages like – Tamil. Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam along with North Indian languages like Bhojpuri, Hindi & Sanskrit. He could not talk in one single language properly & continuously. He had a Telugu accent, and used many Kannada and Malayalam words while speaking Tamil to us. End of the day we understood what he implied.

Kashi Yatra – part 2

The auto squeezed into the narrow roads of Varanasi. The roads were wet, dirty, and people could hardly walk confidently – there was always a fear of slipping. They aren’t tar roads - just rectangular stones etched on the paths, and you get a funny feeling traveling by auto on these roads. There are buffaloes and cows all over the place, and obviously the dung everywhere your eyes can reach.

Kashi Yatra – Part 1

September 23rd, 2006 - it was my dad’s first death anniversary. A year back it was a day when an important living entity moved from his physical form to a mere thought form. That holds true to all of us. It is just a matter of time and we won’t exist any more - we are ashes in no time. Hinduism demands many rituals to be completed after a person’s death, and we thought for my dad we could carry out them in Kashi – which is considered to be one of the most important pilgrimages according to the Hindus.

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