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I am feeling a ‘bit’ guilty – part 1!

Just sitting in the commentary box, and giving gyaan about the on going match doesn’t help all the time. Sometimes for special person and on special occasion you need to pad up yourself and go down to take the role of a night watchman to handle the innings before it is too late. That is exactly what I did when I was subjected to the most tricky and complicated problem relating to human relationship a couple of months back….

He came, he saw, and he shot!

Manoj P of visited my home last week with his Nikon digital SLR, which eventually has become a part of his anatomy these days. He was coming to shoot my daughter’s profile in the most natural setting – my house. I asked her not to take bath or get ready for the shoot. I said just be natural. Manoj was focusing his camera on my daughter, and I was giving him gyaan about how being on your own can be difficult in the first 1-2 years. I thought he was fiddling around with the camera, and I had the least idea that the will be shooting my pics too - else I would have at least wore a shirt, and never given a semi-nude photo shoot ;). Click here to check it out…

Is Michael Jackson God?!!

All that I knew about him was – that he was a black American who changed himself white through some plastic surgery, that he was a king of pop, that he could moon walk the best, that he got into pedophilic controversies, and later he got into bankruptcy too. The other things I heard about him was he had a chimp as a friend & lives mostly in an Oxygen chamber. I thought this information was good enough for me to build an opinion about the pop star Michael Jackson (MJ).

Small things that affects you a lot!

This particular blog might sound a bit cheap to many, but for few it might make immense sense…

An Italian massager based in Chennai, a very good friend of mine, buzzed me on Yahoo Messenger yesterday. She sounded a bit confused, and wanted to clarify something important with me. I thought she had some astrological queries on her mind but it was something else altogether. In fact a good friend of her’s (an Indian) complained about a back pain, and booked an appointment with her for a massage. She readily accepted and took an hour off from her daughter and completed a one-hour massage. After the massage was over, the friend thanked her, sat for a while, and pushed off saying a clean Good Night! Our lady was completely confused - what about the payment?

Will India ever become a Super Power!

He called me at 9 pm, and the conversation went on for an hour or so. We argued, and argued, and at end of the conversation, we stuck at where we had started. The topic of debate between my friend and me was - will India ever become a Super Power? He said it will and I said it will never!

The post 40 IT syndrome!

With just 3 years of experience and at the age of 25, I used to make more money than my neighbour who at the age of 45 used to make after some 15-20 years of experience in a nationalised bank. This of course doesn’t make me more intelligent or smarter than him, but it is just that the industry (dot com) I chose was new, which demanded more youngsters who possessed the latest Internet skills.


“You have got a BIG ego”- a lot of people have told me this. Since years I have been reading about understanding what ego is all about, and what are the steps to be followed to lose it. I have been meditating on losing my ego, and also have tried many other ways to get rid of it - but eventually I have failed miserably. It was my conversation with my alter ego, which gave me some insight into the concept of my ego!

Will ‘Guru’ do good at the box office?

This is my first attempt in documenting a prediction about how a particular movie will do at the Box Office before its release.

Someone who is in a way associated with Abhishek Bacchan-starring Mani Ratnam’s latest flick ‘Guru’ met me recently. The person’s major concern was, whether the movie will do well at the box office? And this gave me a chance to predict about the performance of a movie, which otherwise I have never done before.

My relationship with my teachers – part 2 - final!

Destiny followed me to the Indian Express, Mumbai too. I loved the work, and things were going smooth till I got a nasty mail from my boss. This mail accused me of ‘Dereliction of Duty,’ that too of no fault of mine. I got that mail in spite of me doing 12-hours of night shifts for 3 months continuously without taking a single day off. We were left out with only 3 people, who had to handle 24/7 online updation of news on the Latest News section of This was the time when I realized that effort never leads to success - it is always your destiny that decides what should be given to you and what not. With the feeling of utter dejection I thought it was time to move on, and I landed up in!

My relationship with teachers – part 1!

In one of my first classes of astrology in 2002 my Astro & Spiritual teacher K Gopalakrishnan told me something that worried me a lot. He said, “you will learn astrology from me, and also you will do well in astrology, but then you will have major problems with me later.” I said, “how can I ever go against you or rather how can I ever fight with you. Whatever be the problem I will put all my efforts to put it right.” He added that, “I am not your only teacher, you will meet many others and learn many things from others too”. I asked, “on what basis are you confirming that?” And he coolly said, “you have Rahu debilitated in your 9th house of teachers, and your 9th lord goes into your 12th house of loss”! Astrologically it is a bad combination for a good relationship with – father, teachers, bosses, superiors, & seniors!

His Visa got rejected and I got dejected!

Until and unless people get one tight slap directly from the God, none realize ‘His’ presence. I am sure out of 10 readers of my blog, 9 think I talk crap, and few even think I am a fraud. Not me per se, but because I have taken up something that the pseudo scientific minds of modern crowd cannot accept. They think that it is outdated long back – I am talking about astrology here! Of course even I got a tight slap a couple of years back, which made me drop my Bsc Chemistry & MA Mass Communication mind set, and take up astrology full time!

Understanding people better!

There are many ways under which all the people of the world can be categorized. And people falling in these particular categories - behave the same (more or less), and their life patterns remains the same (more or less). I admire Linda Goodman for one thing. She at least made astrology as a subject known to many across the globe, who otherwise never had any idea about this beautiful art. But I am sure no Indian astrologer will ever give her more than 2 out of 10 for the insights she published. And also she never got into predicting events or human lives as our own astrologer BV Raman did. I am sure even most Indians don't know who B V Raman is/was.

Though I might sound a bit stupid and outdated today – but then I always was for the concept of child marriages. Just because one fly fell into a gallon of milk, throwing away whole of the milk wasn’t a good idea. Of course there were few factors, which needed immediate attention – like widow remarriages. But then Indian systems always had remarriages and it was few people midway - who screwed the system completely.

A friend of mine called me to say what an astrologer told him once. That you should not masturbate. Masturbation is an unhealthy practice and that it will lead to hair loss and low semen count. I started masturbating at the age of 13 and till 23 never missed a single day (at 23 I got married). Probably I missed 30 days between 13 & 23, and that was because I could not get enough privacy in my NCC camps. You can check out the hair part looking at my picture here, and also I have 2 healthy daughters from my marriage, and am all set for more kids. Osho Rajneesh & Thatvagyaani Vethathiri Maharishi are people who have supposed to have sublimed their sexual energies completely – but both of them are bald, and to my knowledge Osho never had kids! So what is the moral of the story? Masturbation isn’t a taboo or an unhealthy practise. Instead it is a good stress relieving exercise, which can be intelligently used for spiritual growth.

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