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Wish You A Happy New Year! wishes one & all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year.

Also, for whom it matters, I won’t be updating my blog till January 10, 2007. I am extremely sorry for the ‘convenience’ caused!

Can Lord Ayyappa visit a Beer Bar?!

Day before yesterday was an interesting day for me. My Guruswami called me for an Ayyappa bhajan, and as a disciple I usually don’t ask him about where the bhajan is held - if I have time I go and if I have work I simply stay at home. I reached his home by evening. With a smile on his face my Guruswami said it is the same person’s house where we went last year. I asked him who? And he replied the same wine shop owner!

I am not here to tell what you want to listen!

In a horoscope 90 per cent of the times things are very clear for which you can get an answer in a direct yes or no. But there are few things, which are not seen very clearly where in an astrologer would give you a diplomatic answer, where in his statement will hold true in the longer run, which the client will understand with time or when the event will really happen. End of the day all the astrologers want his/her every prediction to come true…of course he/she will fail many a times, depending on the strength of his/her own chart.

From whom should you take advice – part 2!

Don’ t confuse among thoughts, action & profession

My wildest desire is to have a group sex with 10 blondes on the Hawai beach. And I don’t become a sinner by carrying that thought on my mind. I have all the free will to nurture that yearning, but then if the event would really happen depends upon God’s prerogative, and none else. There is when destiny comes into play. Any person’s thoughts could be different, actions could be different and profession could be different – always use your discretion about what to take and what to leave.

From whom should you take advice – part 1!

A humble unseen & unmet chat acquaintance of mine kept buzzing me yesterday. I replied what was the issue, and he asked me whether I had few minutes for him. I said, “of course tell me, what can I do for you.” He replied it was about your blog, which said “your experience sleeping with your friend’s mom”. I asked what about it? He kindly said – he agrees with me, and that he also wouldn’t mind sleeping. But then he cautioned me not to put up these kinds of articles on my blog. I asked him, why? And he replied – he has sent my URL to many of his friends (girls) and they read my blogs regularly. And this kind of articles from my end would affect the respect & reputation I have gained!

When my friend’s mom called me to sleep with her!

Dear readers kindly don’t consider this particular blog as a porn story!
I was 21 then and my friend’s mom was 42. I was very close to my friend, and had interacted with his/her mother many a times. Of course I was very comfortable with his/her mother, but sex was the last thing I had on my mind.

So when will you die, & how?!

What Prompted Me To Provide This Service…

A lady with marital problems had come to meet me recently. Her problems were normal ones, but from her angle she thought they were the biggest problems on the planet. As the conversation went on, she asked me when she will die? I normally don’t answer that question astrologically – as two important things – ‘time of birth and time of death’ cannot be predicted exactly through astrology as these two events are decided by God alone. But then looking at the horoscope – the overall life span of a person can be figured out and the probable years that will be 90 per cent fatal to that particular person can be told.

Things will change….

An Indian from the US sounded very sad over Yahoo Messenger chat. I asked her what happened? And she said she had a fight with her husband, and they both are not in talking terms for the last 10 days. Listening to her I was a bit relieved. I told her, “don’t worry things will be alright even my wife is not in talking terms with me for the last 3 days!” It happens….

The difference between being good & trying to be good!

A young, smart, good looking, and a shy guy joined the last organization I was working for. He was an awesome web designer, and he used to sit next to me. Remaining silent was a beauty or I should say an asset he used to carry with him. And impressive designs used to flow through him without any blocks. His silence in fact kindled curiosity in many around him, which prompted others to befriend him. He was indeed a man of few words I should say. But in 6 months time he screwed himself….

A unique case – part 2 - Final!

Mutual attraction leads to love, and love leads to marriage. And what happens after marriage? Both attraction and love fades out within 3 months of being together under one roof, and what you are left out is mere dejections and disappointments. One major thing we miss completely to think about or to concentrate on before getting into a committed relationship is a factor or concept called ‘duty’ towards each other as wife and husband!

A unique case – part 1!

“Even a leaf doesn’t move without my consent” – says Krishna in the Bhagvath Geetha. If that was true then every action of human being gets justified perfectly, and the very difference between good & bad actions doesn’t exist. Whatever has happened has happened because God wanted it to happen – whether it is Tsunami or it is air attacks on Twin Tower.

Astrology and the art of playing Cricket!

Out of few hundred horoscope-readings I did in the last 6 months, I failed miserably in 4 instances where in I had to face embarrassment, and had to return their fees. This is how God makes astrologers understand their human limitations. And this in a way helps astrologers to keep their ego under control. As I always felt – to limit human achievements God makes him prone to commit mistakes.

2007 Yearly Predictions – JUST FOR YOU!

For more accuracy this year I am doing the yearly predictions based on Ascendant (Lagna), and not based on Moon sign or Sun sign. For people who already are my clients – I would have mentioned their ascendant in the report I did for them. If you are not sure about your ascendant, just mail me at or buzz me on Yahoo Messenger to reconfirm it (this is absolutely free for existing clients & close friends who have consulted me already).

I am feeling a ‘bit’ guilty – part 3 – The End!

Seeing the plight of Mr H, I had already learnt three important lessons of life –

*never open up completely to your boy friend or girl friend or spouse or anybody for that matter

*always inculcate a habit of erasing your SMS after reading it and

*never forget to carry a condom in your wallet, ‘cause you never know when you are given a chance to have sex. It so then see to it that you don’t leave your semen trace back. Even Presidents get caught!

I am feeling a ‘bit’ guilty – part 2!

There was silence for few months….till I got a phone call from Mr H saying he is in love Ms P, and he wants to marry her…

When SMS screws up life for Mr H

Mr H met Ms P in their office. They became good friends, fell in love, and decided to get married. Their families agreed, and astrologically their charts matched. Things were fine, till Ms P accidentally read one of the lovey-dovey messages sent to Mr H by Ms K from Mumbai.

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