Astrology and the art of playing Cricket!

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Out of few hundred horoscope-readings I did in the last 6 months, I failed miserably in 4 instances where in I had to face embarrassment, and had to return their fees. This is how God makes astrologers understand their human limitations. And this in a way helps astrologers to keep their ego under control. As I always felt – to limit human achievements God makes him prone to commit mistakes.

In those 4 readings I did – I was completely ‘out of track’ in confirming their past based on their horoscopes. I asked them many questions looking at their natal charts, and they said clear a ‘No’ to all of them. Huh..what a dejection it was. What else can I do? I said your chart is not opening for me, and I had to return their fees telling them to find another astrologer. And as a principle I hate to get into the future without confirming the past based on anyone’s horoscope.

For an astrologer any new reading is like a one day Cricket match - the tension is the same, the expectation is the same, and the nervousness is the same. Of course what gives them a little more confidence is the experience they have gained with years and the technique they have mastered under a good coach or a teacher.

Fully padded up with techniques and divine blessings, an astrologer gets into the field for predicting human lives. And before getting into any reading the astrologer checks whether his own stars help him that day for a good reading. No wonder Kapil Dev and Krish Shrikanth always looked at the sun once they entered the ground.

The match begins, and the player faces the first ball of the match. The expectations of the audience (clients) are really high from any opening batsman in the first over. Though the batsman looks very confident, his technique may fail any time. He might get clean bowled in the very first ball or he might hit a boundary.

Hence the first over becomes the most crucial over for any cricketer to set himself on the field, and to make the audience trust his cricketing skill. Same way the first few questions an astrologers asks about the past of any clients gives the astrologer the necessary impetus to gain his/her confidence. If it flops – an astrologer is destined to eat the dust or to accept brickbats.
And once the confidence is gained and when the cricketer realizes that it is ‘his’ day then even a reverse shot goes for a four.

It could be a day that helped the cricketer to have hit a century, or it could be a day that got him clean-bowled in the very first ball. But what matters in the long run is the consistency in performance. And this holds true for all professionals and in all professions – a bridge may collapse for an engineer, a patient may die for a doctor, music may flop for a musician, a movie may flop for an Oscar winner, a holy saint can fall for a sexy woman, predictions might go wrong for an astrologer, and God might fail in giving out blessings….it all happens…and it all depends upon how the planets are placed for anybody at a particular time!

Always remember - cricketers fail but cricket never fails, lovers fail but love never fails, astrologers fail but astrology never fails, and religion fails but God never fails!

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