I am not here to tell what you want to listen!

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In a horoscope 90 per cent of the times things are very clear for which you can get an answer in a direct yes or no. But there are few things, which are not seen very clearly where in an astrologer would give you a diplomatic answer, where in his statement will hold true in the longer run, which the client will understand with time or when the event will really happen. End of the day all the astrologers want his/her every prediction to come true…of course he/she will fail many a times, depending on the strength of his/her own chart.

With few predictions coming right, people tend to start believing the astrologer & his words more than astrology itself. And that is not a good trend. The basic fundamentals of astrology is to make everyone (including the astrologer) understand that lives are driven by the influence of planets, and ‘ALL’ the events of each and every, believer or a non-believer, are destined and if at all if we have any free will– it is about being able to be happy in a given situation or to remain sad in a given environment!

One of my friends came down from Mumbai to settle in Chennai a year back. I knew his life pattern astrologically and knew in what kind of houses he will stay. Thankfully most of my predictions in his case have come true, so there exist a special bond between us.

He took me to a house very near to his office where he was planning to stay. I said astrologically you would not stay here. Later I kept myself mum and listened to all the positive points he was making me understand about the house and the comforts he will get living so close to the office. I nodded YES for all his points. But later in the evening when I reached home, I was a bit confused. My only worry was - my friend should not think that I approved the house astrologically. I came home, and instead of calling him, I sent him a mail saying – I still stick to what I said in the morning that you would not stay in that house. If at all you stay – you will change your house within 2 months. He called me to say – why didn’t you tell me that before? I have already given the advance!

I had told him in the morning that I didn’t approve the house astrologically, but then nodded YES to all his talks for being his friend, but by sending him a mail I again stuck to what I said in the morning astrologically.

A week later his wife came down to stay with him for a week, and the first thing she did was made him vacate the house, and found him another house. My friend lost some 8 k in the whole process!

And this is not the only incident….

When I predict a love marriage for some looking at their horoscope, they say, “I don’t think so.” So what am I supposed to do? Say what you think in your mind? That is not my job. I, as an astrologer, cannot or should not try to make you happy just because you have paid me or just because I don’t want to hurt you. In fact I am least bothered about others emotions when it comes to predicting. If divorce is visible in your chart, I cannot say anything else but a divorce…counseling you or giving you advice about a possible reunion is not my job - it is your life and it is your destiny.

So what is the moral of the story?

You either listen to what the astrologer says astrologically, or you listen to yourself. Or you can very well consult an astrologer, and still do your own thing. But then never try to make astrologer tell what you want to listen!

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