So when will you die, & how?!

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What Prompted Me To Provide This Service…

A lady with marital problems had come to meet me recently. Her problems were normal ones, but from her angle she thought they were the biggest problems on the planet. As the conversation went on, she asked me when she will die? I normally don’t answer that question astrologically – as two important things – ‘time of birth and time of death’ cannot be predicted exactly through astrology as these two events are decided by God alone. But then looking at the horoscope – the overall life span of a person can be figured out and the probable years that will be 90 per cent fatal to that particular person can be told.

I replied that she will live till the age of 60-65. And the next question she asked me was - when will her husband die, and I said – in another 15 to 20 years. So precisely by 2025 – your husband won’t be alive. And I added that her husband would die before her. Her face changed completely. She was least bothered about her death, but when she came to know about her husband’s death range – she reached a consciousness level where in she was able to forgive all his mistakes, for he is going to be alive only for the next 15 years!

That is exactly what Maha Bharata says – though people know that all are going to die one day, none wants to accept that he or she will be the next to go!

Well with this particular experience, I realized that if people come to know when they will die or when their near ones are going to die – they might exist as a better human beings to all, and their hatred towards anyone will be less. And these religious fanatics might come to understand that when all are going to die one day, then why hurry! Let death come when it has to come!

My Hit Rate So Far

During my school days I had just read few books on astrology and I used to read palms just for the heck of it. Anirudh Kamalrav Walia was a new student who joined our school in the 8th standard. I looked into his palm, and said you have a very short life, and he rejoiced. I asked him what happened? And he replied jovially – he need not take the stress of writing the 10th Board Exam. We had a good laugh, but then he died when we were in our 9th standard!! He got drowned in a pool – where our guys went for an outing!! I stopped reading palms from then….it scared the shit out of me!

I hate to predict deaths. Honestly it is a sick feeling, but then if someone asks specifically I try to reveal – depending on the person’s mental frame. And I should say after becoming a professional astrologer – my hit rate for predicting deaths so far has been 8 out of 10 – of course by God’s grace, which includes my father’s death too!

Will Knowing Your Death Time Make A Difference To You?

I had a friend named Sandeep Rathi in my teenage - we were 15 or 16 years old that time. He was a very sexually active person and would watch a blue film literally everyday. I asked him once, if you are so interested, why don’t you just hire a prostitute and get over with it. And he coolly replied that he will have sex only after his marriage. I said – good boy, good principle, good morality, and good karma.

He got a seat in BDS, and was doing his 2nd year. I met him after 3 years, and I could see his face swollen out of proportion! I asked him what happened? And he said – both his kidneys failed, and now he was surviving on a transplanted kidney (his mother donated one kidney to him). That kidney failed too and he died at the age of 20! (I had not predicted his death).

Just because the government wants people to get married at the age of 21 – which is 7-8 years away from when nature wants people to have sex - people dying even without tasting a drop of sexual relationship, which is believed to give the glimpse of Nirvana, is mere nonsense!

Not that by knowing your death you can go ahead and have sex like wild animals. But then – it can help you to focus on your life better, to resolve problems faster, to take better decisions, and to transform yourself in to a better human being! No wonder the cancer patients are most the loved human beings – who knows who will die first – the patient or the celebrity who visited them!

Answer To A Million Dollar Question – When Will I Die?!

The age of 52-54 will be fatal for me – that is 20-22 years from now, which precisely is in and around 2028!

I am neither showcasing this particular product under the list of products I offer, nor will I reveal your death time until and unless you specifically ask for it…if you happen to read this particular blog…you can go for it, if you want….

God Bless All With a Healthy Life!

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