When my friend’s mom called me to sleep with her!

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Dear readers kindly don’t consider this particular blog as a porn story!
I was 21 then and my friend’s mom was 42. I was very close to my friend, and had interacted with his/her mother many a times. Of course I was very comfortable with his/her mother, but sex was the last thing I had on my mind.

My friend was out of town, and also his/her father. Late in the evening I got a call from his/her mother asking me to come to their house the next day morning. I had read a lot of porn stories about how elderly women love to sleep with younger boys, and have watched many porn movies where there is a major age difference between the women and the guys. But then after talking to her on the phone, I had the least idea about the purpose of the phone call.

Of course on back of my mind I had this hunch that she might have called me to have sex with her? But at the same time I didn’t wanted to rule out other possibilities.

I reached her house, and there was no one in the house except her. To all my knowledge, she was a very spiritual person & religiously inclined person who would pray for hours together everyday.

We spoke about general topics for a while, and then she asked me to come to her bedroom. We were seated on her bed now, and my intuition was getting stronger – that this call was just to have sex and nothing else. She told me about how her husband was impotent now, and how badly she needs sex now!

Her request didn’t come to me a shock as this possibility was already thought about me. I should honestly say that, it was more of a compliment for me, than thinking bad about her. Woman selecting a man to have sex with her is the biggest achievement for a man I suppose.

I had never had sex with another person till that age. Hence there was an anxiety issue of performance involved. Also the thought of my good friend kept rushing into my mind. And I had never seen his/her mother as a sex object so far in my life – though it changed after this particular episode.

I told her that I wasn’t comfortable doing it with her, and that I never saw her from that angle. We slept on the same bed – and thankfully nothing happened. We were lying there for about 4-5 hours, and midway I fell asleep too.

I packed my bag, and left her house.

After few years, I happened to meet an astrologer, with whom I had to discuss this particular issue. And he immediately said, “bad karma”. I said, “yeah bad karma for her.” And the astrologer replied, “I said bad karma for you!!” I was a bit taken aback, how can avoiding to sleep with friend’s married mother be bad karma from my side. And he had an excellent explanation for it.

He said the last thing a woman would ask under the planet is for sex. A woman’s self respect is connected with accepting to have sex or asking for sex, though they love sex, they won’t ask it openly. They would make men to ask and men to perform most of the times. So he added, by hurting her self-respect you have gained bad karma. His argument was right from one angle…

I met another astrologer to ask whether I have gained bad karma through this particular incident. And he said, your bad karma led you to her house! OK, agreed. I never knew the fundamentals of Karma concept till the age of 25. I agreed my bad karma led me to her house. But was not sleeping with her a bad karma on my part? And he replied – NO. In fact you did a good karma by not sleeping with her.

So one thing I understood by talking to these two people was – they both were human beings and had no mastery over the concept of karma.

Ten years after this particular incident now I strongly feel – what was it I would have lost by making a soul happy – momentarily though! I think I should have slept with her!

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