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Beware of Social Networking Ads!

A couple of months back there was an interesting article in ‘The Week’, which talked about how the number of Red Light Areas have gone down, and how the number of sex workers are on the rise. Sex workers are no more people who are illiterate or people who are pushed & forced into flesh trade. These days high profile women working for BPOs, IT companies, bored housewives, and even college students get into prostitution out of curiosity, interest or for some effortless quick monies to maintain their lifestyle.

I have been right on many occasions, and wrong on few occasions. For all my right predictions I love to forward the whole credit to my teacher and the almighty, and for the wrong I would love to take sole responsibility. Astrology as an art has taught me a lot about human lives, and astrology as a profession has also made me understand my limitations as a human being. There were days I used to remain depressed for days, when my predictions went wrong, and used to get excited when predictions done by me came true. But these days nothing matters much. I just concentrate on my performance, and bother only about my consistency. Rest everything is destined…

I think I am back - part 2

I waited for 2 months to put up this particular blog. Not that we don’t have other jobs in life and that our lives revolves around the auto rickshaws of Chennai. But then we thought– we have taken up a fight so let us go till the end and see what is in store. In February 2007 my sister (http://vasanthi.rediffblogs.com) and myself took up a signature campaign against the auto guys of our stand, and we went ahead knocking some 150 doors for signatures!

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