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God’s grace to possess a vehicle!

I have been saving money to buy a car, and astrologically before August 2007 I should be getting a car. I invested in a bicycle recently, and have been saving most of my income to invest in a liability - car. I had sold my motorbike n 2004 to have some liquid cash on hand, and I had to hand over the money to my bother in law (BIL 1) – for his condition was worse than me on the financial front then.

Important tip to pass ANY exam with ease!

It was Hindi exam on that particular day, and I prepared myself well for the same. I reached the exam hall only to get the shock of my life - that it wasn’t Hindi exam, but maths!! I had done some error in seeing the Time Table. I am completely clueless about what to do. I am sure I will fail this time, will have a bad time with my father and never would get my degree in my life!

I appraise myself!

On the scale of A to E, where A is excellent and E is bad I gave myself B, and my boss gave me C. In the next appraisal I gave myself D and my boss gave me B. But ironically when I was given C my salary hike was better than when I was given B!!! I never understood the logic, and neither did my boss.

Before I get into the main business/core business funda about astrology, let me give you another example to take my point home. Here is an example how VGP Golden Beach (amusement park in Chennai) makes most of its revenue today. Most people in Tamil Nadu know that VG Paneerdas was a man from rags to riches - he was a self made man indeed. And he was the one main person to have made installment schemes a big success in India. But then the main business he was associated with was smuggling of Gold in the 60s and the 70s!

I am looking out for a second hand car. The search started off with Premier Padmini and now it waits at Maruti Zen. I would love to possess a Maruti Gypsy too as it is my childhood passion to own one. I was discussing the same with one of my clients/friends and he was a bit taken aback. His questions were simple – why a second hand car, why not a new one? And why do I have to wait for 3-4 months to save money to buy a second hand car, when many astrologers make at least 1-2 lakhs per month?!

Just buy cycles!

Partly or rather fully influenced by Kiruba ( I invested in a bicycle yesterday. The other reason to have bought one was to stop using Auto Rickshaws for small distance travel. And for long distance travel any day taxis are more luxurious and economical - at least in Chennai. Riding a bicycle after more than a decade was indeed an experience in itself, and it actually rushed loads of teenage memories into my 33-year-old mind.

Sibling rivalry & future of DMK!

When M Karunanidhi grabbed the Chief Minister’s post by promising free colour TVs to the poor, just out of curiosity I asked few veteran astrologers – what would be the future of DMK? And all of them had a similar stance, and whatever they said was very much close to what has already happened.

I am loving it!

All the guys had planned to bunk the botany lab that day. I had made up my mind too. But then the professor’s warning was too much for the guys to stick to their vows. They walked into the lab one by one shamelessly. And I was only one to walk back to the hostel, and get some sleep. That was one killer incident that taught me the best lesson I would have ever learnt in my life. If you have a problem – stand alone, if people are with you it is just a bonus. Let not the support, how much ever large or small, have any influence on your conviction towards the fight you have taken up.

Racism in India!

Nixon & Kennedi studied in the same school. Though their names sounded very American, they were the only guys who were the darkest among the whole lot in the class. One among them is me, and another is my classmate who failed 5 times in his 10th standard. I studied in Mumbai, and there were many instances where I was referred as dark. And the nickname of Nixon was Kallu – derived from Kaliya, which means Blacky!

The economics of watching a movie in a multiplex!

I ‘try’ to go by law. Hence when they asked the movie lovers to stop watching new movies on pirated VCDs and DVDs - I stopped religiously. And it is a decade I watched a new Tamil or a Hindi movie on pirated CDs. I don’t watch them in spite of me having enough sources to provide me crystal clear prints of the latest movie the very same day of the release. But recently I had this transformation of thought - whether I have been deliberately allowing myself to be fooled by these multiplexes!

The power of Tirupathi!

I predicted a job change for one of my clients in the month of November 2006, and he was jobless till January 2007. And another client for whom I had predicted a job change in the month of February 2007 was jobless till April 2007. I could see a similar pattern in both their charts – though the planets were placed strongly for an interesting job change - the event was getting postponed for God knows what reason.

Is astrology far ahead of medical science!

They met me a year ago. They were completely content & satisfied about how life was treating them. They had a son, a new car, and a handsome paying job for the husband. Yeah - as any body else – they had many debts, and they needed some more finances to lead a luxurious life. They consulted me the very next day after they had a major fight, and they wanted to go in for a divorce!

White rats – my new pets!

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. That is one crappy statement people have been using for centuries now. I am yet to see a beggar getting married to a woman, and then becoming a multimillionaire just because he got married to the woman. The statement can be altered a bit. Instead of ‘behind’ we can put ‘after’. And the right statement could be ‘After every successful man, there is a woman or there are many women’.

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