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First day, first show, first row!

The much-awaited Rajni’s new flick ‘Sivaji’ released today and I had the golden opportunity to watch the same – first day, first show and that too sitting in the first row. What more could a Rajni’s fan ask for? Honestly life cannot get better than this. The show timing was 7 am, and three special shows were shown for fans alone. Thank god my brother- in-law had been a Rajni fan club leader since the childhood days I know him, and getting the ticket wasn’t a problem at all.

The limited resource called – MONEY! – Part 1!

Money is a weird concept, and economics is even worse. We are the ones who have created money, and we are ones to crave for it. And the whole of life– one or the other way - we work towards making more money. Some would say money doesn’t interest them but they would stick to a high paying job, some would say they love money but get into a lot of philanthropist activity, and some would say better not be greedy about money but will possess acres of land!

Manifestation through visualization!

I believe only in destiny, and I with authenticity can say that we are just puppets in the hands of the almighty – where the world is a stage, and we are enacting the role predetermined to us. Few would agree, and few won’t. It again depends upon your destiny – whether you will surrender to fate and flow with the existence, or keep struggling thinking you could change your life the way you want.

You cannot learn without making mistakes!

They say until and unless you make mistakes you will never learn. But when you indeed make mistakes – it leaves back a yucky feeling in your mind, which lasts for a very long time. Sometimes mistakes lead to fear. Sometimes it creates rebellion, and sometimes it gives you more confidence. And for me it has led to a mixed feeling. In fact I was feeling perfectly alright till I rammed into my apartment’s electrical meter box and broke the door with the car I got recently. Instead of stamping on the brake, I stamped on the accelerator!

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