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Want to learn astrology?

I have met only 3 kinds of people – the one who don’t know any thing about astrology, and doesn’t believe in it, the one who knows a bit of astrology and believes in it, and third who doesn’t know anything about astrology but still believes in it. I am yet to find someone who knows astrology and then doesn’t believe in it.

A difficult client!

I had read a Zen story long back. A seeker reaches a master and asks him - if he can help him get enlightened. The master quietly reaches out for a jug and a glass full of water. He pours water into the already full glass. The glass kept overflowing. The seeker, a bit confused, asks the master, why are you trying to fill the already filled glass. And the master replies, you are already full with your own ideologies, dogmas and scriptures, how can I help you get enlightened? Now the master empties the glass and then pours water into it - and says, first go and empty yourself, only then I will be able to help you in the process of getting enlightenment!

Wear helmet or pay fine!

Tamil Nadu government made helmet compulsory a couple of months back. It indeed is a welcome move. Helmet saves you from head injuries - which happen to be one of the major reasons for death in bike accidents. The day had come, and I spotted 90 per cent of the people wearing a helmet. The traffic police were all excited to catch all those who didn’t wear one – so that they can make some quick bucks in the process. And the next day the government said – the police should not harass people for not wearing a helmet - and the number of helmet users reduced.

Civilization stopped me!

I had been using Sify Broadband for nearly 2 years, and I never had any complaint about the speed it provided. But then the problem always started when it rained in Chennai. May be Sify’s technology was made adaptable only for Chennai’s weather. The moment it drizzles, which rarely happens in Chennai, the net will get disconnected. Normally it would take at least 10 days for me to get it rectified but this time it took 2 long months, and it never got rectified.

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