A difficult client!

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I had read a Zen story long back. A seeker reaches a master and asks him - if he can help him get enlightened. The master quietly reaches out for a jug and a glass full of water. He pours water into the already full glass. The glass kept overflowing. The seeker, a bit confused, asks the master, why are you trying to fill the already filled glass. And the master replies, you are already full with your own ideologies, dogmas and scriptures, how can I help you get enlightened? Now the master empties the glass and then pours water into it - and says, first go and empty yourself, only then I will be able to help you in the process of getting enlightenment!

I did a honest astrological reading for a person recently referred by another client of mine, and unfortunately the person knew a bit of astrology. It is always easy to deal with people who don’t know astrology than people who have half-baked knowledge about the same. The truth about life is everyone can do anything. If you have a camera, you can shoot. If you have pencil, you can draw. If you have a hammer, you can drill a nail. But then there are specific nuances that only the expert knows and that which come only through experience. I know many people who claim to know astrology after reading Linda Goodman’s sun sign book, and to know Vaasthu Shastra after reading one or two books on the same subject.

I personally base my prediction on factors like – God’s voice, technique and intuition – in the given order. And also I never get into any astrological debate with clients, when it comes to techniques. The rule is simple - if you know astrology then there is no need for you to consult any astrologer. If you seek guidance from any astrologer, then it is always better to keep your mouth shut.

In my experience – I have seen many a rules given in modern books not working at all. Have met many divorced couple, whose chart were matched for marriage. Have come across many childless couples, when the horoscope doesn’t have any affliction from bookish principles.

A client recently started to debate on a rule, which didn’t work in her chart – and I was right about the analysis. And I replied clearly that I don’t get into any astrological debates on techniques, and here is what I got as reply –

“Mr. Kennedi.... do u adhere to the principle of people blindly believing you and that too for a hefty sum like the one you have charged us???

Of course, the fact that you do not want to or maybe not competent enough to answer my questions seem more of an explanation rather than you saying that you do not get into astrological debates. For there was no debate on the issue, on the contrary it was just a clarification on a

However one thing has become clear that you do not have any answers to my questions. I believe that the knowledge of astrology is a gift and to equate everything in terms of money is pure insult to this divine science.

Ms X

My reply -

Hi Ms X,

Thanks for your mail. I did a reading for you only because Smitha wanted me to do it for you. Or else I do readings only when people get in touch with me directly.

Also you had told me -

For instance, true... Saturn and Ketu placed in the 4th house is considered ill luck in the birth country but is it not true that Guru in the 12th house aspects the 4th house completely and therefore nullifies the ill effects of Saturn??? Then, in that situation, where do we stand?

This is right according to the principles of astrology. Now tell me one thing, if Jupiter nullifies the bad luck you have in your birth country, then why the F*** are you living in Belgium now and not in your birthplace? Give me the astrological reason.

PS – Ms Y - kindly send me your bank account info. I would want to refund the complete amount you had deposited for Ms X and her husband. Don't consider this to be a request - I just want the details. Also if you don't take the money back, I would never do a reading for you.

And Ms X, you need not tell me about how I am working for money. God knows the truth - he will punish me accordingly. So you bother only about your money.

God Bless You

G. Kennedi

And I never got a reply from her. May be her half-baked knowledge was not good enough to defend her argument. She didn’t even send her bank info, till I sent her a reminder just yesterday, for which she replied –


Do gift the money to some poor and needy if you please, that would be good enough. We do not wish to continue dialogue on this aspect anymore.

Ms X

If someone is not happy with my reading, I can only return the fees I charge them. I don’t want anyone to make losses who invest on me – and I want to stick to that principle always.

Well I am not going to donate Ms X’s 'HEFTY' fees to any poor or needy. But will donate it to some temple, and get a bill in Ms X’s name. So that the reading remains free for her - always.

May God bless her with some civility to deal with people who want to help her.

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