Civilization stopped me!

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I had been using Sify Broadband for nearly 2 years, and I never had any complaint about the speed it provided. But then the problem always started when it rained in Chennai. May be Sify’s technology was made adaptable only for Chennai’s weather. The moment it drizzles, which rarely happens in Chennai, the net will get disconnected. Normally it would take at least 10 days for me to get it rectified but this time it took 2 long months, and it never got rectified.

As a moron I kept calling the customer care, mailed them about my problem, sent repeated request mails, sent stinkers – but then they proved to be real thick skinned. They never got back to me. The last mail I sent to them was – ‘if you cannot provide me uninterrupted Internet service, kindly let me know so that I can go in for other ISP.’ They never replied to this mail too.

I paid for a month, went without the service for 20 days, and exactly after 30 days I have a person at my door asking for money for the coming month. I tried not to lose my temper, and thankfully I didn’t. My sister had done the job, before I could reach the spot.

The next day someone else from Sify reached my house. I thought probably someone has finally arrived to rectify my problem. He asked me – “are you using Sify Broadband now?” I said NO. He said, in that case he would want to take the cable back. I said if he gets into my house I would cut his legs into 2 pieces. He went off. The next day morning I could see the cut Sify cable hanging from my terrace!

I was just wondering, why did this bugger cut my cable even without asking whether I will use it in future? Or why didn’t he even bother to ask me why was I not using the Sify Broadband, which primarily was because there was no connectivity? The answer was simple – there is a non-refundable charge of Rs 1000, which they collect whenever you go in for a new Sify connection. So by cutting my existing connection, they can ask the same money once again if I needed a new connection – good business plan.

After my connection was cut without my permission - I kept getting SMSs to renew my account for 4-5 days. So many illiterate people are involved in the whole chain of providing someone a net connection that one day they won’t know who is sleeping with their own wives.

I was so pissed off that I wanted to go to my terrace and break the Sify Internet hub they have placed in my apartment and cut all those cables that emerge from it. But then civilization stopped me. I went in for Hathway net connection instead.

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