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I have met only 3 kinds of people – the one who don’t know any thing about astrology, and doesn’t believe in it, the one who knows a bit of astrology and believes in it, and third who doesn’t know anything about astrology but still believes in it. I am yet to find someone who knows astrology and then doesn’t believe in it.

In the last 5-7 years I have met many astrologers – they are of different kinds too. People who don’t know any thing about astrology – but then still are famous astrologers, the people who are technically sound but bad at predictions, the people who are very good astrologers with excellent predictive capability but who underplay their talents, and few who are good astrologers and who demand their part of credit, fame and money. End of the day it depends on your destiny - whom you will consult, and what kind of prediction you will get in the process.

These days few of my clients ask me whether I can teach them astrology. And ironically most of my clients and people around me talk more astrology than me these days. Recently I had visited my native place, and the topic of astrology came up. And some 4-5 people surrounding me kept bombarding me with astrological rules, astrological principles, gems, the remedial measures and what not. The best bet for me was to keep my mouth shut, which I always do. Well it is good in a way that the divine science of astrology is getting a facelift in the 21st Century, and this kind of incidents assures me that astrology is here to stay forever. No matter how far human technological developments go, our Holy Saints, Rishis, and Ancestors can outsmart any educated and literate nut of today’s world. And the trust is with our materialistic outlook we can only discover truths about life, but can never invent them!

From the list of astrologers I have met, I prefer the one which say – “the people who are very good astrologers with excellent predictive capability but who underplay their talents.” And I would strongly suggest my clients to learn astrology from – my teacher K Gopalakrishnan (http://www.sathyaprema.com ) or Dr Prajarao (http://www.sify.com/astrology). I can assure you that they are the best astrologers in India as on date. And you will understand once you learn astrology from them.

As far as I am concerned, I am in my batting stage and will teach only when I retire as a batsman and become a coach. There is still lots to learn, lots to know, and lot many years to go before I handover this beautiful divine science to the right candidate. And in my case – I will be selecting the student to whom I will be teaching astrology.

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