Wear helmet or pay fine!

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Tamil Nadu government made helmet compulsory a couple of months back. It indeed is a welcome move. Helmet saves you from head injuries - which happen to be one of the major reasons for death in bike accidents. The day had come, and I spotted 90 per cent of the people wearing a helmet. The traffic police were all excited to catch all those who didn’t wear one – so that they can make some quick bucks in the process. And the next day the government said – the police should not harass people for not wearing a helmet - and the number of helmet users reduced.

I personally am for wearing helmet, and have never rode a bike with out wearing one. But then recently I spotted many traffic police assembling in groups on ECR, and few other important roads – fining people left, right and center for not wearing a helmet.

I ‘admire’ the way Tamil Nadu government cares about people’s well being. The Hindu reported recently that some 8000 cases were registered for non-usage of helmets, and Rupees 1.4 lakhs was collected as fine – officially. But I don’t know whether these buffoons still remember that the same government had also made usage of Meters compulsory in Auto Rickshaws a couple of months back! Does the Hindu have any idea about the money collected from these politician-run-auto-stands in Chennai? Why is that it is always the innocent citizen made the scapegoat for policies announced by the government of one of the largest democracy?

People slog their butts day and in day out, pay their taxes, buy vehicles on installments, pay their road taxes and these buggers stand at the corner of the road and fine them for not wearing a helmet. Of course it is their duty, but then why don’t they do something that helps a layman – fine autos for not using meters, clear traffic efficiently, fine over-speeding vehicles, fine vehicles overloaded with animals, and help people crossing roads - the roads that doesn’t have pedestrian crossing lane for kilometers together!

I think it is high time we stopped asking, what have we done for the government. We have done enough. Now we need to ask what has the government done for us?

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