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The Ram Sethu controversy!

I was performing my religious rites for my father’s 2nd death anniversary at Rameshwaram on 23rd . And hence lost track about what our Tamil Nadu Chief Minister said about Ram Sethu bridge sitting at Chennai. The issue is simple – Hindu mythology says Lord Ram constructed a bridge using Vanar Sena to reach Sri Lanka to bring back her kidnapped wife. The remnant of bridge, which exists today seem to create some problems for ship navigation. If this Ram Sethu construction is broken the traveling time could be saved. Now the choice is between religion and economy or rather faith and money!

It is all about being ‘Original!’

It is an old story again. Long long ago when I was working with Sify Astrology I had a major problem, which when I look back looks so menial and unnecessary. I don’t know about what others felt about me, but then I had put a lot of efforts and original ideas into making it a revenue generating vortal. Of course all the eyes were on it, and whichever channel - let it be Sify Hindi, or Sify Tamil or Sify Telugu, all wanted to start their Astro channel to show revenues to save their asses at job.

Chukde or F@&# De?

I recently watched ‘Chakde India’ and this was the 3rd movie in my life, which I wasn’t able to sit through. The other two were Mani Ratnam’s Iruvar and Dil Se. Chakde India’s story is simple and also very predictable. You know what is coming all through the movie, and there is zero suspense maintained. Shahrukh Khan has performed well rather he has not performed at all – hence he is tolerable.

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