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2008 Yearly Predictions – Just for ‘YOU’!

For more accuracy the 2008 yearly predictions are done based on Ascendant (Lagna) and not on Moon sign or Sun sign. For people who already are my clients – I would have mentioned their ascendant in the report I did for them. If you are not sure about your ascendant, just mail me at kennedig@yahoo.com or buzz me on Yahoo Messenger to reconfirm it (this is absolutely free for existing clients & close friends who have consulted me already).

Mesha (Aries)

The year 2008 will be an excellent year for you as far as career is concerned. You can expect impressive lifts in your career, and also promotion will come your way very easily. Substantial increase in your income and wealth cannot be ruled out. Increase in responsibility is also foreseen for you.

Mobile Etiquette!

Any human invention is a boon provided it is used in the correct proportion. Inventions have made life simpler and have provided more luxury to ‘Man’kind. But then it is the extensive usage of them that transforms them into a bane. And mobile phone is one of them. A couple of weeks back, I was stuck in traffic and I saw two girls, who seemed friends, walking on the platform. They moved talking - but not to each other. They were over the phone with someone else.

Stock market is falling down…..!

I don’t have enough evidence to prove my point here. And my friend and myself have kept the history button on Yahoo Messenger unhighlighted. So any evidence of the chat we had on the day Stock Market reached 19000 is unattainable. He was chatting about how India has developed so fast and how it was visible looking at the points Sensex had touched - 19000! I said don’t worry it will fall soon, and when it will fall it will be horror – to the extent that people will start committing suicides! (Well that was a strong statement, but then very much possible!) And the very next day the market fell 200 points, and is still falling!

Relationships are about symbiosis!

I am not mentioning about the Symbiosis University located in Pune here. I am talking about the biological term where in the involved partners are equally benefited through an association. And I strongly feel any human relationship should always be a symbiotic relationship. Enlightened people have been telling about unconditional love, and that you should always be giving without expecting anything in return out of any relationship. But the irony is most people who were enlightened either stayed single all through their lives, or left their families to get enlightened. And most messiahs never had friends, bosses, superiors, and girl friends – they only had disciples.

Converts are more fundamentalists!

The most irritating thing in life is to hear someone telling you something you have been telling him or her for ages. I have a friend – a very logical person, who would give less importance to the concept of God, and who would keep talking about how only personal efforts would take you places. I wouldn’t argue, but would only say – for me it is all about destiny. I don’t put any effort. I go where God takes me and do what God wants me to do.

Getting up at 4 am!

I was told when young that getting up early is a good habit. The climate is cold, the air is pure, and according to Hinduism it falls under Brahma Muhurta when most saints across the world are meditating. So whatever you do getting up early would have good results on your body, mind and soul. But then I never could get up early when in school or in college. The last thing I would want was to get up early and study organic chemistry or calculus for that matter. I of course have tried it. I would get up, wash my face, take a book, take a bed sheet and then doze off. The simple reason was - I wasn’t interested in studies!

Hail Hitler!

All that I knew about Adolf Hitler was - he was a dictator, that he was responsible for deaths of 6 million and above Jews, that he was the main person behind the 2nd World War, and he died committing suicide. And this was just one side of the coin.

I have been reading Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kempf these days, and found him one of the most talented, intelligent, and knowledgeable person the world has ever produced. I should also add that he was one of the very few people I have came across who loved his country and countrymen more than his own life!

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