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Should men watch their wife’s delivery?

This is a new crap we are learning from the West. In India men were never allowed to watch their wives deliver babies, while the West say men should be allowed so that the women get some emotional support. Also the West say, by watching women deliver babies men will understand the pain a woman undergoes. And whatever is downloaded from the West becomes a nonsensical fad in India. Now women want their husbands to watch them going through the pain. It is not that men don’t understand the pain a woman undergoes, then what is the point men watching their wives undergoing the torture? Should they stop having sex with them? Or should they never allow their wives to have babies? What difference does it make anyways?

I am in a strange situation!

I happened to spot my ex-boss recently. In fact he is one of the 7 important people who were the main reasons for all the trouble I faced at 3 years back. My sister asked me immediately, “Are you going to say a hello?” I said of course I would for I hate just the sin and not the sinner. And who am I to judge people based on their ignorant action? In fact I need to be utterly thankful to each one of them for I feel I am more successful than before, or else I would have still been rotting at the same place.

Your wife could be your soul mate!

Right from college days I had been a storehouse of porn content. It was magazines in college days, and when technology developed and I started working in branded firms it was porn CDs. One fine day one of my friends was pressurizing me to get some good CDs from home. I was wondering why all of a sudden he is pestering me so much, when he always knew it was easy to get them from me. In fact for him it was a matter of promotion, his boss wanted to watch few CDs in a week’s time, and the reason was – his wife had gone to her mother’s house, and he wanted to enjoy life in her absence!

‘Your’ inputs will be greatly appreciated!

Now this is what I call God’s miracle! A publishing house after going through my blog, wants me to author a book. They have suggested me some interesting topics like – Tarot Cards, Numerology. And I want my readers to suggest me a topic that is closely related to astrology, religiousness, spirituality and sex (my strong area of course). Kindly mail me your suggestion to or buzz me your inputs on Yahoo messenger at the same ID.

Bus itna sa khwaab hai!

I had very less desires in life. My desires were to own a bike, a Walkman, a handycam with a rug sack behind me and go cruising on long roads without any destination to reach. They all came true at the right time. Once it was all over, I was left out with no desires to seek, and life became a bit dull and boring. Hence I had to literally sit down and chalk out my other set of desires to escape life’s boredom, and this time I wanted to have a car, with a good music system and again go on long drives with no destination to reach.

When will life be ‘better’?

When we realized our senses and started using it we were made to go to school. They said once you are out of Kinder Garten, your life will be better. In primary school they said, once you get into secondary school life will be better. It was 8th, and they said both 8th and 9th are foundation years for 10th, and if you pass out 10th with good marks life will be better. Tenth was over, and they said 12th standard is what that will decide your future. People with good route memory got into Engineering or Medicines, and rest all thought they compromised on their lives and they managed to do some degree here and there.

Jupiter transit 2007!

In the cosmic zodiac the planet Jupiter, which is considered to be a natural benefic astrologically moves into Dhanus (Sagittarius) Sign from Vrishika Sign (Scorpio). According to the calendars transit takes place on November 16th, 2007, but the exact transit happens only on November 22, 2007. Well the dates doesn’t matter much – the movement of Jupiter into another house will surely bring major changes in your personal lives.

Jupiter will remain in Dhanus – between November 22, 2007 and December 10, 2008 and I have added this aspect and its impact on your life in the yearly predictions 2008 I did for you. For specific questions you can always get in touch with me!

The criminal ME!

I always wonder why people who play the game of chess quite well think they are more intelligent than others? Of course most games need minimum amount of intelligence but it is also true that chess is yet another game, with which good amount of practice can be perfected. People generally confuse among intelligence, knowledge and information. An ant or a bee is more intelligent than a human being. And carrying useless information and knowledge in your otherwise empty head doesn’t necessarily mean you are intelligent.

What to pray and what not!

He was a staunch believer of Lord Ganesha. He neither would booze nor would he eat non-vegetarian food on Tuesdays. We never had any argument about the existence of God then. But today we argue everyday about the presence of God. I say He exists, and he asks me if He exists then show Him to me. My friend - then a staunch believer is an atheist now. But then reason for the transformation isn’t impressive. He prayed to God that he should get married to the person he fell in love with – the bitch ditched him, and he ditched God!

Happy Deepavali to one and ALL!

Don’t think too much about environmental pollution, and don’t think too much about child labour at Sivakasi - just be generous and burst as much crackers as possible this Diwali. Askenni wishes one and all a very Happy and Safe Deepavali!

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