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Askenni wishes one and all a very Happy New Year!

The year 2007 was good, and I wish and pray that the coming year should be better for one and all. I have already put up 2008 yearly predictions based on your Ascendant. And here I have made few predictions for few important people in the coming year. If you want to know about someone else too – just drop a mail at

2008 predictions for….

Good news for free loaders!

Five years back when I started to read horoscope for people and predicting their future, I always wanted to keep my services free of cost for lifetime. But it led to many confusion – firstly none took it seriously (anything given out for free loses its value) and secondly people got into unnecessary arguments just for the heck of it. Well who doesn’t want to know their future without shelling a penny out of their pockets?

Pray for me brother!

I am reminded of a joke where a millionaire wanted to get married. He had called upon women applicants who in turn had to pass through several competitions to top the list of the probable brides. The competitions included – marathon (42 kms), high jump, long jump, cooking, stitching, oratory competitions, gymnastics, intellectual debates, spiritual inclination et al. After all the competitions were over ….

Ignore Taslima Nasreen!

Only two things can make a writer or a journalist famous – one is controversy and another is lathi charge. And the author Taslima Nasreen belongs to the former cadre. In fact money, fame and success comes to authors who are bold and experiment with existing philosophies. Whether they believe in the philosophies they pen down doesn’t really matter – provided their books sell and bring both the publishers and author some good money in return. Even you can write a book on how group sex with 10 blondes on a open beach in Hawaii can give you darshan of Lord Shiva – but whether you have done this before or believe in it doesn’t matter, provided your books sell like hot cakes.

Few ‘not so serious’ telephonic conversations!

This incident took place some time before I had actually trained my mind to a ‘let go’ state of affairs. Way back in the year 2004, I was under the illusion that advertisement in newspaper about my existence, availability, and astrological services will bring me good number of clients. I didn’t have much fund to advertise in leading newspapers hence I opted to put an advertisement in the local newspaper named Adyar Times. I checked the previous issue of the newspaper and spotted another astrologer who already had advertised about himself. I thought talking to him about the response would help me clear little confusions I had on my mind about the feedback the ad can get me.

Where Science stops, Arts begin!

Scientifically any woman is a bag full of bones, blood, flesh, and excreta. But the moment we think about women like Aishwarya Rai or our own girl friends we feel elated about an all-new concept called beauty, which sounds very unscientific. Also according to science when a man with a relatively good semen count has sex with a woman with proper ovulation– they will have children. But science cannot explain why a particular man falls in love only with a particular woman, and why a particular woman prefers to sleep with only those men whom she loves? There is where science stops and Arts begin…..

Funny chat conversation with an asshole!

The one who wins an argument need not hold the truth, and the one who loses the argument need not hold falsehood. There are many a people who call me a fake or a quack or a fraud – of course without meeting me in person or taking an astrological reading from me. They are conditioned that way by the scientific world, and there is no harm in it. For the world to run the non-believers are as much important as the believer themselves - in fact their presence complement each other perfectly well. Also for a believer no proof is necessary, and for a non-believer any proof is insufficient.

The Anti IT Attitude!

The latest issue of Outlook has an interesting cover story. It is about how the IT industry has supposedly affected the otherwise green and culturally rich garden city. The article made a good read but what disturbed me was how the locals thrashed few IT guys recently just because they happen to belong to this newly emerging reserved genres. This heinous act is far worse than communal violence or racial discrimination. Of course violence is good, but then the reasons behind it should be strong enough – and this particular occurrence I feel is the most shameless thing that can happen in a Cosmo City called Bangalore!

Bad Events? Keep flowing with a smile! - part 2!

The great singer S P Balasubramanian, music director Ilaiyaraja, and his brother Gangai Amaran were traveling in their Fiat car a couple of decades back. They were not very famous then, and were still struggling to make their names in the film industry. They were on a long drive on business purpose and all of a sudden their car toppled and fell into the nearby lake. The car was upside down and there were no signs of all the three!

Bad events? Keep flowing with a smile! – Part 1!

The year was 1996. We had to complete an internship at any of the newspaper organizations as part of our Mass Communication curriculum. Out of 17 students, 15 had already started their internships 20 days back. And the only people left out were my friend Chandru and me. No firm accepted us in Coimbatore & Chennai, hence we moved to Bangalore searching. The secular newspapers of India - The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, and The Times of India – all of them said they prefer Kannadigas to Tamil students for internship and rejected our requests. Hence we had to move to New Delhi to find Internship for ourselves!

You are born with a personal destiny!

My BIL (brother in law) is a highly efficient computer wizard and I am yet to meet someone who is in tune with computers as much as he is. But before getting into the IT field he was working as a government employee in Indian postal service. The salary was meager, but I am not sure about his contentment level then. Later I arranged an interview for him in Mumbai, and with a help of one of my close friends he got into IT. From then there was no looking back in his life. He earns in lakhs now, has invested in 3 houses and also a car.

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