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On a pilgrimage..

Inshallah (God Willing) I will be going on a pilgrimage tomorrow, and will be back around 20th of January 2008. By God’s grace this will be my 5th visit to Sabarimala, and this time we have planned to be there to witness the infamous Makara Jyoti, which will be seen on January 14th.

Of course there are many controversies related to it. For the believers it is Lord Ayyappa giving darshan from the astral to all his disciples. And for the non-believers it is fire lit by some tribal living in the opposite mountain. And some even say it is camphor balls lit from the opposite mountain, which is well planned by the temple Nambodaries themselves. But who cares - the believers alone know the truth!

You can read about ‘Lord Ayyappa’ by clicking here

And You can watch the video of ‘Makara Jyoti’ by clicking here

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