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You get ‘Timed Out!’

I remember an interview of Bollywood comedian Johny Walker, which was shown on TV a couple of years back when he wasn’t doing much on the silver screen. The interviewer posted an interesting question to him. And the question was – how do you feel about not being in the limelight now, which you were there just a decade back? Johny Walker replied, “I have reached the top of Mount Everest, have placed my flag there and come back. I need not go there again and again to prove my worth.”

I am with Raj Thackeray!

If ‘personal identity’ weren’t a problem we would have never fought with the British for freedom! I strongly feel that British governance was far better than the present Indian joke of democracy, but we still fought against them because we wanted our own people to rule on us. We thought people with similar ‘personal identities’ would be better than the firangs.

This phenomenon of ‘personal identity’ depends on various factors like tradition, civilization, history, colour, caste, creed, religion, borders et al. And all of us knowingly or unknowingly are driven by at least one of them, and could become restless if we find a threat to any of our belief system.

Where’s the equality part?

Men and women are equals. And after they get married to each other they should treat each other with utmost equality. They should give equal rights and also give enough freedom to each other. Both can have their own thoughts, expressions and also can have a career they think is right for them. They should not or need not interfere with each other’s career, and preferably men should not lay down rules and regulations to her spouse. These things would be so good, if only if they were true…

Will the stock market fall further?

On October 19, 2007 when the Stock Market was at 19,000 points I had mentioned the following –

* it was visible looking at the points Sensex had touched - 19000! I said don’t worry it will fall soon, and when it will fall it will be horror – to the extent that people will start committing suicides! (Well that was a strong statement, but then very much possible!) And the very next day the market fell 200 points, and is still falling!

*So what is my take on the topic? Anything that grows very fast comes down at the same speed – that is the rule of life - and any growth should always be gradual. The DOT COM industry came down, because it grew too fast in too little time. Now it is stabilized. Same way Sensex touching 19000 is too fast in 2 years, and it will come down drastically and stabilize at 10000 to 12000 points.

What irritates me the most!

The new age guru Paramahansa Nithyananda had a beautiful thing to say once. He said the most difficult thing to be sold in India is religion and spirituality. The reason is simple. Like asses (donkeys to be precise) which eat the movie posters stuck on walls all over, we all tend to read books and gain information from all possible sources and think we ourselves are Gurus. We behave as if we are the ‘know all’ and that we are already enlightened. Try talking about spirituality to anyone in India – and they will give you the best insights, which even the enlightened masters cannot give. And ask about their personal spiritual experiences – they will stare like an owl!

I am settled once again!

A week without a house was an interesting experience. Reading my previous blog, one of my celebrity clients offered his house in Chennai for me to live. But unfortunately I could not make use of the opportunity, but I admired his kind gesture.

To kill the time we visited Elagiri, a small hill station near Chennai (4 hours drive from Chennai), and stayed there for 2 days. And rest of the 4 days I stayed at my sister’s place. So there wasn’t any problem as such. As rightly said by one of my friends – the fear of an uncertain tomorrow is worse than the real event itself.

A week of nomad’s life?

I have got a new house – for rent of course. I saw only 2 houses, and finalized the first one. I should thank God for providing me a house without the involvement of the Social Criminals – precisely the house brokers – who happen to be the main cause for rising the real estate values just for the sake of one month rent they acquire from the new tenants. In fact I also have to thank classifieds for making the house search a mere cakewalk. I will keep the description of the house for later.

My house owner wanted me to vacate the present house this Saturday i.e., tomorrow, and the new house is ready to occupy only on 15th. And there are 7 days in between!

Looking out for a rented house in Chennai!

Astrology has taught me one important thing in life and that is to become ‘STILL.’ It precisely is a state of doing nothing, which doesn’t necessarily mean that I have a laid back attitude or I have become lazy. It is a condition where you neither seek nor avoid – you just try to be, and try to be a witness. It is simple - when you know how your future is going to unfold, and when you know that your destiny cannot be changed a bit, and when you know that whatever has to happen will happen anyways - then where is the need to put any effort and to struggle in life?

I am back!

I am back. In fact I was back from the pilgrimage on 20th January itself. But then it takes a bit of time to adjust to the materialistic life after few months of abstinence. Thanks to my wife – she dragged me to all the eat outs, shopping malls, and movie halls, which she had avoid during my abstinence. Now she is tired, and I got some time to reestablish my focus in life.

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