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Why do we fall for glamour?

A couple of years back I had this funny pain in both my heels. I consulted various good doctors who owned clean dispensaries, the latest medical equipment, and working air conditioners. But none could help me much. The pain persisted. My wife insisted that I should visit the Chennai government hospital – at least once. I went there without much hope. My mother in law is kind of adept at the existing system there, and with her help, I consulted a doctor. The atmosphere was bad, the energy was nauseating and the doctors looked sicker than the patients!

IPL – Indian ‘porkhel’ League

Due to limited time the match overs were reduced to 5. The toss was put. They didn’t have a coin, and hence the ‘in or out’ method was used. (I never knew this particular system still existed after nearly 2 decades I stopped playing cricket. We would place a small stone in our hand, close it and whirl the hand and either keep the stone inside or let it go. The other team should say whether the stone is in or out). They won the toss, and like any other team elected to bat first. There were 4 members in one team, and 4 on the opposite already and I happened to be the 9th person. So the boys decided to make me play double sided – meaning I will bowl, bat and field from both the sides!

Thinking of committing suicide? Ask me how to!

The year was 2000 AD. One of my friends was about to be ditched by his girl friend. He said he wants to commit suicide. I said perfectly fine. I knew another friend of mine whose mother was a psychiatric patient. She used to have a particular medicine in the nights to sleep the whole night without any breaks. It is a simple logic. She had just one teaspoon of it and it you have the whole bottle – you surely will sleep for whole of your life. My friend agreed, but then he never gave me the money to buy it. The friend is still alive, and will get married this year probably.

Will the recession affect ‘you’ astrologically?

Faced with a challenging business environment in the wake of the *US sub-prime crisis –

*Software major Oracle has pared down annual salary hikes.
*IBM – cuts down employee perks, and withdraws fringe benefits offered to its middle management - which included free-housing facility.
*Wipro – likely to go for an 8-10 % hike this year against 12-13 % in 2007-2008.
*Infosys – offshore employees will get an 11-13 % wage hike this year, compared to 12-15 % last year. (Source – The Economic Times, dated 25th, April, 2008)

Sex, Semen and Saints!

“If people think that I am a celibate, then I think they are fools.” Well that isn’t my statement. It was one of Osho’s statements, which he told a reported during his hay days.

On to my blog now…

Mera Bharat Mahaan!

I was right, and he was wrong. It would have been a major accident, if we had not stopped our cars at the right moment. I asked him, what was wrong with him? And he replied, keep going! I stopped my car to warn him, and this time he deliberately came and hit my car from the behind. Thankfully nothing happened to my car, but I hated his arrogance. He is one among those illiterate and uncivilized people who drive taxis in Chennai. I asked him to stop, but he kept going. I ran with a stone in my hand (the scene was indeed funny) and another feet I would have broken his glass pane. He stopped. I took his owner’s phone number and called him. He said, these things keep happening. I surely would have kept going if it were an accident. But this piece of shit hit me deliberately. The company’s name is Mass Travels in Chennai. I am mentioning the name so that someday when the owner’s son googles for his father company, he should know that his father should have rather pimped his wife to earn money than running a irresponsible business with the help of criminals.

Bottled Water – A Fashion Statement!

Without asking me when the hotel servers place bottles of mineral water on my table thinking I would not refuse to accept it - I ask them to take it off immediately and make them bring me ‘saadaa’ (plain) water to drink. I know he might feel that I don’t belong to the elite upwardly moving rich people as yet - but then I don’t care. I think it is a duty of any eatery or hotels to first provide clean drinking water free – even without asking. And if they insist us to buy bottled water for hygiene purpose – then it surely means that there own water isn’t clean enough. If water isn’t clean, how could we expect their food to be clean?

Konjam adjust pannunge!

It has been my life pattern so far. I would always move to a house away from the city (which doesn’t have any facilities), the moment I go there the area would start developing faster than ever, and then the rents will skyrocket and I would be made to vacate. In the year 2000, people at office would laugh at me when I said I am commuting from Thoraipakkam (Old Mahabalipuram Road - OMR) to Mount Road for job. OMR developed so fast that my servant maid is a lakhpathi today. She sold her land for 40 lakhs, and I think I need to become her servant now!

Check this pic…

God isn’t cruel to us!

Our aspiration of an ideal life is to be born perfectly with an extraordinary IQ, to study from premier schools and score the maximum marks, to get into number one institute for higher studies, to do our post graduation from foreign universities, to work in branded firms directly at managerial cadres, to get married to the first person we fall in love who is good looking, knowledgeable, sensuous and non-egoistic, to be blessed with kids at the time we want them, to have kids who are normal, to have kids who study well and to make them study from good institutes, to make them get the best of the jobs, and to pray for our kids to have a happy married life ever after….. We as human beings never want anything lesser than the above list. And if by chance there is any discrepancy in any of the aforesaid areas – we ask - why is God so cruel and that too why only me?

What is wrong with the TN CM?

At the age of 58 you are asked to retire because the government thinks you won’t be able to give your maximum output. The government also feels that you need rest, and that your performance will suffer as you grow old. May be the government is right. Personally I have seen people at the age of 87 losing their memory, talking to TV host peeping into the TV, needing help to enter and exit the bathrooms and also losing their senses and minds. Our CM is already 87, supposedly hail and healthy, and is still successful in sending nonsensical bills to the assembly. This time he wants Pongal, which comes around January 14 to be considered as Tamil New Year, and not April 14th!

How far can you reach in life?

Track 1

I think it was Amitabh’s 60th birthday, and he said to one of the reporters that he is indeed clueless about why people still like him. Indeed a point to ponder. And when all know that Kamal is a far better and superior actor than Rajni Kanth, still Rajini has more fan followings in TN than the former. What gives people like Amitabh or Rajini or Sachin Tendulkar that extra edge, when there surely could be better performers than them in the industry!

What did I do on my birthday!

Getting into the movie industry has been one of the passions I always had. That doesn’t mean I want to struggle for years together in the entertainment industry to taste success. When success has to come, it will come on its own – we need not struggle for it. Rather we just need to have the patience to wait. I always mention the example of the great composer Naushad, who stayed & struggle in a slum opposite Mehboob Studios for 17 years before he could get into the studio for composing music for his first movie. I would rather say, he could have celebrated life till 16th year, and then tried getting into the Studio in the 17th year – he still would have got the offer! Where you reach in life doesn’t depend upon your effort, it depends upon what time you are running!

Well yesterday, I wanted to do something different, and hence was exploring the movie editing software – Cyberlink Powerdirector. I had few ‘still’ pictures of a trip to Mahabs I had gone with my friends a couple of years back. And I tried weaving a story around it…well there is ‘NO’ music in the video, but there is something interesting for the men at the end ;).

It’s my birthday today!

Gone are the days (at least mine) when people and friends used to remember my birthday, and load me with gifts and cards. These days I have to announce to the world that it is my birthday, so that none misses to wish me – so better wish me. I complete 33 years of age today (April 9, 1975 born), and start 34! Life has just slipped away, and so far by God’s grace it has been an excellent journey.

God Bless All!

The ‘time’ to Dream!

This commercial is one of the most thought provoking ads I have ever seen in my life. If you are blessed with a good broadband connection watch it at a stretch. And if you are cursed with a fraud band connection, which promises high speed and delivers nothing, then wait for the video to buffer completely before you watch it!

Continue reading only after you have watched the whole video…

Need some profe$$ional help!

It is my turn to seek some advice. In the process of enhancing my website, I am seeking some professional help. If you are my blog reader or my client or my friend or any stranger kindly mail me if you can be of some help to me. I need someone who is good at Movable Type Content Manager, HTML pages, and loads of common sense and good knowledge of the Internet business. I am a profe$$ional astrologer, hence I am aware of your compensation part - I would be more than happy to pay you the market rates for your expertise, time and effort. (You need not necessarily be from Chennai, India, you can exist in any part of the world)

My mail ID is – kennedig@yahoo.com, my mobile number is – 92813 09013, and my Yahoo Messenger ID is kennedig@yahoo.com

It is a bit urgent and important too…

God Bless All

Few things I learnt from Karti Chidambaram!

Recently I saw few hoardings and posters of Karti Chidambaram displayed all over Chennai. He had pictures of his father P Chidambaram (the present finance minister), Sonia Gandhi, and also Kamaraj to back his picture. From the poster I could take a wild guess that Karti is slowing getting into Indian politics. The dress he wore in the pic where similar to what his father wears in the parliament even today. Looking at the poster, my memories rushed back to year 2000, when I had just joined Sify.com!

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