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PMK leader Ramadoss – a political joker!

I am speaking the truth. A couple of months back I was watching a Tamil movie on Star Vijay channel. In the scene four villains are shown enjoying some alcohol in a remote place. A small note flashed at the bottom of the screen, which said – consumption of alcohol is injuries to health. Then one of the villains takes out a cigarette and lights it – this time another note flashed, which said smoking cigarettes is injurious to health. These drunken villains spot a sexy girl returning home alone in the late evening. They chase her, and rape her too. This time no message is flashed. What does this nonsense mean? Raping isn’t bad but you should not smoke and drink?

I am not anyone’s ‘Guru’!

I get few mails where people address me as Guruji. There are people who call me Guruji. And there are few who think I am a real Guru, who can help them, achieve salvation. This kind of treatment makes me feel awkward and at times funny. Of course there was a time when I wanted to be a replica of Osho Rajneesh and wanted to create a weekend meditation resort. That way sometime back I also wanted to be like Krishnamachari Shhrikanth, who could smash the ball all across the ground.

Refer me but don’t promote me!

I had a Delhi-based chat friend a couple of years back. We used to chat online literally everyday, and she used to openly talk about all her problems of life with me. Thankfully I wasn’t an astrologer that time. Those were the days when I used to think being a good listener is a boon. It was much later I realized that to listen to someone woes or ‘dukh bhari’ story is to invite troubles – both on personal and spiritual front.

I have been reading Indian super star Amitabh Bacchan’s blog for a couple of days now. I am amazed at his humility in dealing with his fans and also at his patience in acknowledging people’s comment. I am nobody to comment about his blog content though. How can a spark come anywhere close to a blazing inferno? I am a great fan of Amitabh, and have grown up watching his movies and imitating his body language. And I am one among those million Indians who prayed for his good health, when he met with an accident during the shoot of Coolie. I think I was just 8 years old then!

Am I bad tempered?

I think I am a bit bad tempered. I guess all knew it long back, but then I realized it very recently. In normal conditions – I love peace, I like humor and I always try to greet and smile first. I love to have a wholesome laughter too. But then there are few things that trigger the animal in me instantaneously, and I try to behave nasty. I don’t hate people at all. But then I hate few attitudes they carry. I stick to what Jesus Christ beautifully said in this context – Hate the sin and not the sinner!


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