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Dasavatharam – the debate goes on!

This is my third blog on the movie Dasavatharam. This time I got another mail, which explains the movie better, and from an altogether different angle. In fact I am not sure if Kamal himself thought about the story in these many angles, or it is just his intelligent interpreters who keep giving more and more meaning to his not so good movie. I think the final verdict about the movie could be – a good story, a good screenplay, a good direction, but a bad movie.

Dasavatharam – an interesting analysis!

I got this mail from one my clients, where someone explains Dasavatharam in a more meaningful manner. I honestly never watched the movie, keeping all these factors in mind….if that was so, then the movie is an interesting attempt.

The mail was….

Dasavatharam – my view!

The story is simple. It is about the chaos theory – which states that no event in this world takes place without a reason. And all those events, which happen – how much ever small or big they may look – have a cosmic purpose. A butterfly fluttering in the remotest part of Africa can be reason for the downfall of stock market in the US. And also you reading this particular blog need not be a mere accident, but it could be a part of a bigger divine plan, which we will understand better in the future.

Mayajaal Multiplex – a mere cheater!

My friend downloaded the movie “Sarkar Raj’ from one of the torrent sites, and watched it in DVD quality sitting at home on the very 2nd day the movie was released. And I think he would have also downloaded ‘Aamir’s by this time and watched it too. I had a debate with him, where I said what he was doing was wrong. He had few valid points with him for counter argument. “Rs 200 for ticket, Rs 25 for bottled water, Rs 5 extra on petrol – why should I spend so much money, when I get DVD quality sitting at home?” I didn’t agree with him, but then I think I would after this particular incident!

My visit to the Golden Temple – Vellore!

I came to know about this 300-crore Golden temple through media, and also through 2 of my friends who had already visited the shrine. More than the temple, I was curious to know about the person behind the whole project. I gooogled and found the answer. It is Sri Shakti Amma - a man who is an ardent devotee of Lord Narayanee. (Google - Narayanee Peedam - for results).

What bloody nonsense is this?!

I had a friend in the last organization I worked for. And the friend was a girl. She had a relationship with a guy, who wasn’t as qualified as the girl was, didn’t make as much money as she made, and also wasn’t as confident as the girl would be. These were reasons enough for the girl to ditch him someday or the other. I wasn’t a full time astrologer then but was learning about human life patterns from my teacher.

The mysterious 14th Century saint – part 2!

Days passed, and I had stopped thinking about this particular issue. One fine day, my sister asked me to drop and pick her up from a particular place. And I had 1 hour in between. I thought I would visit the Sai Baba temple on ECR, Chennai in the meantime. Thankfully I was carrying one of Osho’s books – Krishna – which I could read there.

The mysterious 14th Century saint – part 1!

“I will give you the chart details and the planetary positions. Will you be able to tell me the person’s date and time of birth?” One of my Express days friends asked me over Yahoo Messenger. I said very much possible. She gave me 3 other clues – one that the person was a saint, secondly that he was born in the 14th Century, and third that he was born in Maharashtra!

I drew the horoscope on a white paper and looking at the planetary placements she had given I said few events of his past, and my friend agreed to most of them. So I presumed that the chart was right, and now I just need to find his date and time of birth. But things weren’t as easy as it looked initially.

My salute to the West!

I have a friend turned client, and thankfully most of my predictions for him have been on the dot – with month range I should say. While in India, he would call me, fix an appointment and never turn up. Many a times I have cancelled all my other commitments just for him, and he never had the courtesy to call me and say that he won’t be coming. With time, whenever he called me - I would give him a date, and then carry on with my work – going out for a movie for instance- for I knew he would never come. And my guesses were always right!

Should I or should I not?

Someone sometime back told me that I should have so much work that I should not have enough time to complete them. Today I don’t know whether it was a blessing or a curse. For the last 15 days orders poured in so much that I could not blog, I could not come on yahoo messenger and also I could not reply to many mails. Well thankfully I completed all of them, and could find some time finally…

Now on to the blog…

Recently my sis started a new business. And as the business would grow she would need something called VAT (Value Added Tax) registration number for all her business transactions. She thought it would be ideal if she gets its now to avoid problems in future. We are new into this hence we consulted few accountants about the process involved. They coolly said it would cost Rs 9000 to get it done.

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