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It’s that extra intelligence you are blessed with!

Our mental conditioning focuses on obedience and non-violence. And the society has already succeeded in making us utterly obedient and thoroughly non-violent. In fact to the extent that we have become docile, and have accepted our defeat without even thinking about fighting. No wonder – the latest drama in the parliament of the biggest and the most complex democracy was talk of the town only for one day - thanks to the serial bomb blasts – the attention of people got diverted in no time. And if a train mishap follows – we would have already forgotten about the bombs too!

‘India shining’ in the dark?!

I belong to a small town, which happens to be the largest exporters of knitted garments in India. I was born there, and I have seen people toiling to bring that extra dollars into our country since 1975. Since then Tiruppur has grown from a small town to the largest exporter of T-shirts, vests and briefs. Someone once commented that Tiruppur is the only place in India, where you can never find ‘NO VACANCY’ board outside any unit. There is job for everybody, any time – whether you are educated or not it doesn’t matter really.

When actor Sharath Kumar appreciated my blog!

I was at a salon – a well-known elitist place – where most celebrities come to improve their looks and hairstyle. Out of the few prominent people I saw were Tamil Super Hero Sharath Kumar, and comedian Chinni Jayant. Both of them were busy getting a lift to their personalities, and I thought it would be a nice experience for me if I could break the ice with Sharath Kumar – who probably could act in the movie - which probably I would make some day!

In the blog dated October 19, 2007, when the stock market was at 19,000 points – I had predicted that it will come down to 10,000 to 12,000 at a fast phase. Yesterday it reached 12, 600 points. Not that I am happy about the prediction coming right – but I am happy to have understood the functioning of life pattern. So will it fall more? Yeah it surely will. The whole of year 2008 will be bad for the stock market – so keep your hands off!

Mayajaal – motherfuckers!

This time it was completely my mistake. A couple of days back I called the same Chennai-based multiplex a group of cheaters. And this time I call them a group of motherfuckers. My mistake isn’t in calling them what they deserve to be. But my mistake is to have gone to the same multiplex once again to watch another movie!

Subtitles – a blessing!

In spite of being educated in English medium institution right from childhood, I never understood most Hollywood movies for the simple reason that I never understood what they tried to converse. It remains the same till date. Today probably the only difference is I can understand 10 per cent of what they mumble. For this very reason, I never had any inclination towards Hollywood movies, and thought watching Jackie Chan’s would suffice. I could have never understood the power of Hollywood movies if I had not met this client of mine.

There is a thin line!

Someone called me businessman recently. And honestly I hated to be called one. I think I am not a businessman and would never want to be one either. If I were, then I would have sold gems (with a certificate saying it is original), I would have sold rudraksha (saying it is directly imported from Nepal), I would have sold yantras (that are available in market for Rs 30 and sold it for few 1000s saying it is charged with prayers), and I surely would have sold remedial measures saying I can solve your problems and change your destiny. I don’t do that.

How to get rid of debts!

This blog might sound a lot like a self-help book. The content was neither lifted from any of the books nor from the Internet – it has come from a lot of personal experiences, insights and also through meeting many people who still are under few crores of debt. Sometimes I might even sound like a criminal but then it is up to you to interpret the inference.

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