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Our mental conditioning focuses on obedience and non-violence. And the society has already succeeded in making us utterly obedient and thoroughly non-violent. In fact to the extent that we have become docile, and have accepted our defeat without even thinking about fighting. No wonder – the latest drama in the parliament of the biggest and the most complex democracy was talk of the town only for one day - thanks to the serial bomb blasts – the attention of people got diverted in no time. And if a train mishap follows – we would have already forgotten about the bombs too!

Incident One

I happened to meet my sister’s friend once who wanted to consult me. She was very upset about her life, and also a particular incident that kept her under tremendous depression for couple of weeks.

She is married, her husband works in an IT firm, she has a younger brother who lives with her, she has a 3-year-old daughter, 1 watchman who guards the house, and 2 German Shepherds. She lives in a place, where most people have sold their residential plots for industrial purposes, and her husband doesn’t want to sell their place for sentimental values. Her only query was – when would they change their house? And she mentioned an incident that made her ask this question.

Just a couple of days back, during late evening when the hubby was at work, 3 huge guys who called themselves policemen barged into their house. They pushed the watchman aside, yelled at her brother to tie the dogs, and came inside to ask few unnecessary questions. Like – their names, how long have they been living here, how they are related etc etc. Later they took the brother to the police station and let him go after a while.

The whole incident came as a nightmare to my sister’s friend. Many questions crossed her minds – how can these buggers barge in, how can they order them to tie their dogs, how can they take her younger brother (just 21 years of age) for a general inquiry without any formal papers or orders, and how can we just be so helpless at the hands of power? As a normal middle class family – they didn’t take any action against the policemen.

Incident Two

Another client of mine met me recently. He wanted to ask whether if his father would win a case that he has registered against a local politician. I asked him about the whole episode and he divulged. His father had bought some 40 grounds of land paying Rs 500 some 40 years back in Chennai. And today it surely will be valued at few crores. A local politician captured that land, and also made few people to build their huts on it. When my client’s father met the politician to ask about the land, the politician gave an interesting answer.

“You got it for Rs 500, so now I will pay you Rs 500 and take the land!” They have filed a case in the court against him. I really wish they get judgment before Bal Thackeray gets his for the 1992 Mumbai riot.

Incident Three

One of my uncles owns few acres of land in AP. There was a sub-inspector who would come just like that, create minor problems, and then take money and go. It became a habit as if my uncle was indebted to pay him.

One day when the sub inspector visited his farm house in causal dress my uncle - who has some 50 people working under him - asked them to catch hold of the bugger and tie him to the tree.

They took the boss’s order, and thrashed the sub-inspector left, right and center. When all the thrashing was over – my uncle ran to the scene, and yelled at his workers, “what the hell do you think he is? He is the sub-inspector!” And my uncle apologized to the sub-inspector for the mistake already committed. That was the last day that sub-inspector met my uncle!

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