Mayajaal – motherfuckers!

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This time it was completely my mistake. A couple of days back I called the same Chennai-based multiplex a group of cheaters. And this time I call them a group of motherfuckers. My mistake isn’t in calling them what they deserve to be. But my mistake is to have gone to the same multiplex once again to watch another movie!

The movie was ‘Subramaniyapuram’ directed by the assistant director turned director Sasi. The movie is completely set in the 80s, where you notice all the cast in hippy hairstyle wearing those funny bell-bottoms. I think even Mayajaal wanted to take their viewers to the 80s.

After the tickets got over, and the movie house was full this bloody Pentamedia asshole sold extra tickets off the record and made latecomers to sit in the corners of the theatre by pulling extra chairs from the cafeteria!

So there were some 50 people more in the theater than the allotted number of seats, completely blocking all the pathways – even the emergency exit! I really wished that there should have been a fire emergency, and few people got charred to death so that press came into the scene and made this human folly known internationally! We still haven’t learnt anything from Kumbakonam school mishap or Delhi theatre mishap.

Last time I had fought enough with the fucking Mayajaal’s manager, hence this time I didn’t wanted to see his ugly and irresponsible face. Instead I walked towards a guy who was more than happy to have gotten ticket on the sides. I told him, I am from the press, and how come you are sitting here? He said we had a friend who booked it for them, as they were late for the movie. I asked which firm are you from? And he refused to tell me. From the face it was visible that he was educated, and also should be working for some MNC. I told him we are educated, and we should not be doing this. And he smiled at me – and I never understood what he really meant by that smile.

I went back to my seat, watched the movie silently. Came home, thought about it for many hours, and took a decision. I will never visit Mayajaal again in my life – and it is a complete fullstop. In fact I think I will stop visiting any multiplexes - till people stop talking in the theatre as if it is their drawing room, till people stopped fiddling around with their flashy mobile phones being least bothered about the person sitting next to them, and till multiplexes stop selling stuff at more than MRP prices.

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