Stock market touches 12,000 and odd points – as predicted!

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In the blog dated October 19, 2007, when the stock market was at 19,000 points – I had predicted that it will come down to 10,000 to 12,000 at a fast phase. Yesterday it reached 12, 600 points. Not that I am happy about the prediction coming right – but I am happy to have understood the functioning of life pattern. So will it fall more? Yeah it surely will. The whole of year 2008 will be bad for the stock market – so keep your hands off!

I had also predicted that the situation would go to the extent of people committing suicide. When the stock market fell, police were posted at rivers to prevent any mishap from happening. And also I got calls from people – who got into heavy debt from being crorepathis. The first sentence they spoke was, “Kennedi I feel like committing suicide.” I am glad they didn’t commit suicide – they are very much alive now.

So what went wrong? Here is the answer. In fact we believed the illusion the politicians and the media created among people. And the illusion they successful created was – “India is developing.” The truth is India isn’t developing, it is only moving towards destruction.

So will India be a developed country in the year 2020 – not at all. It will take another 300 years for India to develop – that is prediction too!

We have leased out every state to the World Bank taking heavy loans, and have invested in projects that would have very well been rejected by developed countries. And how did the World Bank succeed in giving out loans. Simply by corrupting the top officials – both politicians and bureaucrats.

We have given out lands to MNCs – like Coke and Pepsi, they sucked all that water affecting Indian farmers, which in turn has affected our natural resources. No wonder a tender coconut in Chennai costs Rs 20, while Coke costs only Rs 10!

Any Islamic country doesn’t have tax system. I think most part of UAE (United Arab Emirates) is tax free. They are tax-free because they have strong natural resource, and they have understood the importance of it. Like Mahatma Gandhi said – India is a country of agriculture. Hence until and unless we concentrate on agriculture and on our natural resource, and make that particular industry the top most – India will never develop. End of the day you cannot eat CDs, and Linux for breakfast and lunch.

India needs a people’s revolution, where in every middle-class individual join hands to put an end to corruption completely - right from – educational system to the employment office. Till then for sure we will remain a developing country for centuries to come!

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