There is a thin line!

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Someone called me businessman recently. And honestly I hated to be called one. I think I am not a businessman and would never want to be one either. If I were, then I would have sold gems (with a certificate saying it is original), I would have sold rudraksha (saying it is directly imported from Nepal), I would have sold yantras (that are available in market for Rs 30 and sold it for few 1000s saying it is charged with prayers), and I surely would have sold remedial measures saying I can solve your problems and change your destiny. I don’t do that.

Of course I am mean sometimes. I don’t do reading before getting the funds into my account – and I especially do this with my new clients. This meanness has come through a lot of experience with new clients. A couple of weeks back someone named Sonia mailed me from California saying she needs a consultation on Saturday evening. I gave her the time forgetting that I had my music class. I bunked my music class only to know that Sonia got up late, and could not call me at the chosen time.

I hate bringing the money factor into discussion always because I feel uncomfortable doing so. I told her once, and she promised me that she would pay me through paypal. She called me on Sunday evening, and the consultation was done. And she never paid. Now if I mention this particular incident – do I sound like a businessman?

Well the guy who called me a businessman is based in Chennai, works for IT firm, and wanted a free answer to his query through yahoo messenger. And when I asked him to come over and meet me, he complained that the fuel prices have gone up. I wonder who is a businessman – he or me?

Only the intelligent people understand that there is a thin line between business and service. Service is where you charge for your time, and business is where you think only about profit maximization!

A simple example -

A doctor is not a businessman, but then the hospital owners are.

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