When actor Sharath Kumar appreciated my blog!

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I was at a salon – a well-known elitist place – where most celebrities come to improve their looks and hairstyle. Out of the few prominent people I saw were Tamil Super Hero Sharath Kumar, and comedian Chinni Jayant. Both of them were busy getting a lift to their personalities, and I thought it would be a nice experience for me if I could break the ice with Sharath Kumar – who probably could act in the movie - which probably I would make some day!

Sharath Kumar was through, and as I had wished I got an opportunity to talk to him. I started off by saying few things he would be happy to listen and know about himself as an actor. I told him how good an actor he was, who still wasn’t used properly in Tamil film industry. And how I started liking him after watching his performances in Patchaikili Muthucharam (a remake of Hollywood flick Derailed). He was happy about my feedback.

I know I am nobody in the movie industry as yet. But still had this gut feeling that he might not mind listening to few movie plots I always carry on my mind. After the initial cajoling, I was about to tell my stories to him that would persuade him to say an OK. I am sure if he were convinced, getting producers would not be tough. But to my dismay, he snubbed me saying – he has not time to listen to my stories now.

Totally disappointed, I shook hands, and said goodbye. We parted ways. And I was already heading home, when suddenly Sharath Kumar came running to me, and said, “Kenni, your blogs are good. Keep up the good work. Especially your hatred-filled blogs are good, which would even make a dead person alive.” My happiness knew no bounds, and I told to myself – if not movies, at least people appreciate my thoughts on my blog.

When I was enjoying this new feeling of overwhelming excitement – I suddenly found my chest completely wet with sweat. The current had gone. And having an afternoon nap without a fan in Chennai is completely impossible!

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